2021 April Healthcare Breaches

Each month, we review the breaches occurring in the previous month to determine what the leading cause of that month’s breaches are. April healthcare breaches affected 2,623,378 patients, with the leading cause behind breaches listed as hacking incidents.

There were 44 healthcare hacking incidents occurring in April 2021, affecting 2,260,008 patients, representing 86.15% of patients affected by April’s breaches. The second most common reason behind April healthcare breaches was unauthorized access or disclosures of protected health information (PHI). There were 17 of these incidents occurring in April 2021, affecting 358,870 patients, representing 13.68% of patients affected. There were also three incidents of loss or theft of PHI, affecting 4,500 patients, representing 0.17% of affected patients.

Additionally, in April 2021:

  • The most targeted entities were business associates, with 11 incidents affecting 1,462,084 patients, representing 55.73% of affected patients
  • There were 44 incidents targeting healthcare providers, affecting 732,776 patients and representing 27.93% of affected patients
  • There were 9 incidents targeting health plans, affecting 428,518 patients and representing 16.33% of affected patients

April Healthcare Breaches and Hacking Incidents

Over the past several months, hacking incidents have been the leading cause behind breaches. April was no different, with 2,260,008 patients affected by hacking incidents. Overall, hacking incidents accounted for 86.15% of patients exposed by April breaches.

These hacking incidents occurred in three different areas:

  • 28 “network server” hacking incidents, affecting 1,777,819 patients, representing 78.66% of hacking incidents
  • 13 “email” hacking incidents, affecting 451,460 patients, representing 19.98% of hacking incidents
  • 2 “other” hacking incidents, affecting 30,729 patients, representing 1.36% of hacking incidents

58.35% of hacking incidents targeted business associates, affecting 1,318,620 patients:

  • Health Center Partners of Southern California: 293,516 patients affected
  • Aloha Practice Management LLC: 3,835 patients affected
  • Winona Agency, Inc.: 4,834 patients affected
  • Maestro Health, LLC: 2,016 patients affected
  • Trinity Health: 586,869 patients affected
  • Bricker & Eckler LLP: 420,532 patients affected
  • Cornerstone Municipal Advisory Group LLC dba Manquen Vance: 7,018 patients affected

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30.01% of hacking incidents targeted healthcare providers, affecting 678,178 patients:

  • LifeBridge Community Gastroenterology, LLC dba Woodholme Gastroenterology: 50,000 patients affected
  • Achievement Center of LECOM Health: 1,671 patients affected
  • St. John’s Well Child and Family Center, Inc.: 29,030 patients affected
  • Boston Children’s Hospital: 506 patients affected
  • Hand to Shoulder Specialists of Wisconsin Ltd.: 39,317 patients affected