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Compliancy Group Overview:

Getting Started With Compliancy Group

Thank you for choosing Compliancy Group to assist you in Achieving, Illustrating, and Maintaining your compliance.  Our clients become compliant quickly and easily through our software, the Guard, and the process is made even simpler with support from your Compliance Coach.  Each stage is a building block to construct the foundation of a strong compliance plan.  Your Compliance Coach is a guide to assist you in completing the process.

Compliancy Group will verify and validate your efforts, and provide your organization with our Seal of Compliance™ upon completion.  The goal is to complete the process quickly, in 2-3 weeks, with a total investment of approximately 8-10 hours of your time.  If at any time you need assistance, a coaching call, or answers to your questions, contact your coach or email [email protected].

Most clients will have three or four sessions with their Compliance Coach in the process of Achieving compliance.  Here is what you can expect from those sessions:

Preparation for Initial Coaching Call

Prior to your initial coaching session, you will receive an email with your login information, along with our “Welcome Kit”.  In preparation, we recommend that you:

  • Review the “Welcome Kit”
  • Watch the introduction videos:
    • Welcome to Compliancy Group – The Guard
    • The Guard Achieve, Illustrate, Maintain Process

Initial Coaching Call

The initial coaching call will set the stage for the implementation process.  In each session, there will be a “Learning” phase, a “Complete” phase that will be assigned as prepwork between your next session, and a “Review” phase with documentation that will accompany the meeting.

  • Help your coach understand your organization and expectations for the process.
  • Add additional Administrators as needed
    • Identify the Security, Compliance, or Privacy Officers
  • How do you address your security? Internal or external.
  • How to login to The Guard and an overview of the solution
    • Overview of the HIPAA Risk Analysis process
    • Business Associate Management
  • Required Audit & Assessment Questionnaires, set up by your Coach.
  • “Guard Overview and How to Guide”
  • External assessments – “HIPAA Required Audits” 
  • Business associate and confidentiality agreements

Working Coaching Call

By the time of your second coaching session, your assessments have already been completed.  On this meeting, you will: 

  • About identified gaps and how to remediate them
  • About the security and privacy policy and procedure templates
  • About the training and attestation process
  • Review of the Security & Privacy Policies that were generated in the Guard. 
  • Add your employees to the Guard for training:
    • Send the “Employee Training Overview” to your employees
    • Run and review training reports
  • “HIPAA Security Policy and Procedure Manual”
  • “HIPAA Privacy Policy and Procedure Manual”
  • “Employee Training Overview”

Depending on your needs from a remediation perspective, you may need a brief additional “Working” coaching call.  Following this session, you’ll proceed to Seal of Compliance review.

Seal of Compliance Review Call

In the final session with your coach, we will review everything that has been done and issue our Seal of Compliance upon final approval.

  • Your coach will review your work and issue your Seal of Compliance
  • The Seal of Compliance is a verification and validation of your HIPAA Compliance Program, illustrating your good faith effort to satisfy HIPAA law and regulations.  We recommend putting the Seal on:
    • Your website 
    • Company literature 
    • Email Signatures
    • Anywhere else it can make an impact!
  • Learn about the various reports and tracking features of the Guard.

Congratulations, you’re done with meetings!  HIPAA compliance is an ongoing process that must be reassessed annually. To simplify annual requirements, the Guard will provide the direction you need to maintain your compliance

  • “Seal of Compliance Packet” 
  • Compliancy Group letter of verification. 

Even after achieving compliance, Compliancy Group’s support does not go away. You will have access to breach support in the event of an incident. Our audit response program is available in the event of an audit. Additionally, our team of compliance coaches will continue to be available to ensure that you Achieve, Illustrate, and Maintain your compliance, year after year.

Never worry about HIPAA again.

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