Hosting providers have begun to realize how being HIPAA compliant is necessary to enter and remain in the Healthcare market. Wether it’s hosting medical apps, doctors websites, or any organization that deals with a doctors office, being HIPAA compliant is not an option, it’s a Federal Regulation.The Guard is used by all types of organizations to protect and differentiate there business, whether you are a compliance expert or a newcomer to the market, The Guard and our HIPAA seal of Compliance is the solution for you.


Hosting Providers can use The Guard to become HIPAA compliant and assure they are protected from legal and financial liabilities.

HIPAA Compliance for Hosting Providers

  • Verifiable HIPAA Seal of Compliance
  • Live HIPAA Coach
  • Differentiate Your Business
  • Incident Management
  • Document and Version Control
  • Use and Disclosure Tracking

“This service will allow us to get into the Medical Vertical in a whole new way. We can show our expertise and knowledge differently than other MSP’s.”

-Matt D, Southwest Networks, Inc

When it comes time for to find a HIPAA compliant hosting provider, the market is full of claims and promises. Make sure to have all aspects of HIPAA compliance covered to protect not just yourself, but those who are using your services.

When someone who handles PHI searches for a hosting provider they look for HIPAA compliance before they look at pricing and other offerings.

When a client notices the HIPAA Seal of Compliance and can verify your business against it, they feel a sense of protection. This along with the fact that it is a Federal Regulation created the need for a HIPAA compliant partner.

HIPAA is a Federal Regulation that requires all Covered Entities and Business Associates that handle PHI to be compliant. These organizations include but are not limited to: hospitals, doctors, lawyers, cloud providers, hosting providers, shredding services, accountants, storage facilities, and any self-insured companies. Addressing HIPAA compliance is not a choice and will not go away by ignoring it, so take the necessary steps to protect your business today!