Compliancy Group’s HIPAA Marketplace

The one stop for connecting HIPAA compliant Business Associates to the medical professionals that need them the most.

Since the introduction of the Omnibus Rule, the importance of Business Associates becoming HIPAA compliant has exponentially grown. Not only must Vendors be HIPAA compliant for themselves, but must be HIPAA complaint to do business with any healthcare entity that they are handled to hire PHI for. With the need in the market for these Business Associate Agreements and the increasing difficulty to truly understand if a business takes compliance seriously or just says they do, we created the HIPAA Alliance Marketplace. In our HIPAA marketplace you can deal with other Compliancy Group vetted peers, bringing confidence into your HIPAA compliance plan.

For Business Associates

  • Acquire new highly qualified clients

  • Differentiate your business

  • Receive the HIPAA Seal of Compliance TM

  • Verified and Validated HIPAA compliance

  • Gain Market Exposure

For Covered Entities

  • Electronic Health and Medical Records Providers

  • Medical Billing and Revenue Cycle Management

  • Security and Risk Assessment – IT/MSPs

  • Software Providers, Email, Encryption, Back up and Print

  • Practice Management Consultants

  • marketers, compliance experts, and everything else your practice needs!