Educate Employees with HIPAA Training Software

You are required to train employees each year to satisfy HIPAA requirements, so why not use HIPAA training software? HIPAA training software is an easy way to train employees and track their training progress.

What is HIPAA Training Software?

When looking at your options for providing HIPAA training for employees, there are several things to consider.

Does the HIPAA training software:

  • include training on the HIPAA Privacy, Security, and Breach Notification Rules?
  • train employees on your organization’s policies and procedures?
  • provide training on cybersecurity best practices?
  • provide training on permitted use and disclosures of protected health information (PHI) via social media?
  • allow employees to legally attest that they have read, understood, and agree to adhere to the training material?
  • alert administrators when an employee does not understand training material, allowing them to arrange for further training?
  • allow administrators to track employees’ training progress?
  • alert administrators when it is time for employees to receive their annual training?

Compliancy Group’s HIPAA Training Software

HIPAA Training Software

Our software is an engaging way to educate your employees. Our HIPAA employee training is provided through a series of short animated videos that are sure to keep your employees’ attention, while providing them with valuable information on HIPAA regulations.

HIPAA Training Software: HIPAA Basics

There are three major components of HIPAA, the Privacy, Security, and Breach Notification Rules. To ensure employees adhere to these standards, they must be trained on the Rules, and their applications. Our HIPAA software gives employees an overview of each of these Rules, so that they are aware of their HIPAA obligations.

HIPAA Training Software: Policies and Procedures

To ensure that employees are aware of your organization’s HIPAA policies and procedures, they must be trained on them. Policies and procedures dictate the proper uses and disclosures of PHI by your organization, how your organization secures PHI, and procedures for reporting a breach should one occur. Our HIPAA training provides employees with an understanding of your organization’s policies and procedures.

HIPAA Training Software: Cybersecurity

Healthcare organizations are increasingly targeted by cyberattacks, most commonly phishing attacks. This is why it is important to train employees on cybersecurity best practices, including how to recognize a phishing email. Our software provides employees with an overview of cybersecurity and phishing. 

HIPAA Training Software: Social Media Use

As social media has become an integral part of business, it is important for employees to understand the proper use and disclosure of PHI within a social media context. Our software instructs employees on when it is permitted, and when it is not permitted, to disclose PHI via social media.

HIPAA Training Software: Legal Attestation and Tracking

To ensure that employees have understood, and agree to adhere to the training material, they must legally attest to the fact. Our software enables them to do so. It also gives employees the means to alert administrators when they do not understand a component of the training so that the employee may receive further training. Additionally, as employees must be trained annually, it is important to be able to track when the employee must be retrained. Our HIPAA software enables employee training to be tracked, and alerts administrators when it is time for employees to receive their annual training.

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