How do I become HIPAA compliant?

A question we and many auditors have heard a million times before.  But what is the answer? That’s where it gets complex, HIPAA compliance is on going, one who is compliant today may not be compliant tomorrow. Due to changes in regulations, new employees, expired training of existing employees, new Business Associates and the list goes on and on.  We have heard many times from the HHS what they are looking for, but we know that when you ask “How do I become HIPAA compliant?” that you want to know how to avoid audits and to feel comfortable with you current compliance plan.  Because of this we have outlined 5 of the steps and will elaborate how using a HIPAA compliance software like “The Guard” can help you in all aspects and help you in not just achieving HIPAA compliance, but illustrating it to the HHS, clients and Business Associates, but also how to maintain or remain in compliance.

A Risk Analysis will help you understand your systems vulnerabilities. Answering all the questions in a Risk Analysis is necessary to help you understand where your faults are and where you need to concentrate in your quest to HIPAA compliance.

A Business Associate Agreement is required for all vendors who handle personal health information (PHI). In addition providers should send a HIPAA security audit to remain in compliance with the security rule.  You must be sure to address any and all of compliance issues from or between you and your vendors.  This will ensure your compliance and reduce your liability.

A remediation plan is based on the vulnerabilities or gaps in the Risk Analysis.  You must also track and keep documentation of any of the vulnerabilities that where fixed.

Due to the Omnibus Rule a provider must keep up to date on their policies and procedures to address every part of the HIPAA Omnibus Rule. Review of Business Associate Agreements and the updating of your policies and procedures should be done periodically to ensure you keep up to date with updates or changes in the regulations.

Incidents happen, no organization can be incident free forever. This is why all organizations should keep audit logs, track employee training and keep everything up to date so when an incident does happen, you have everything in place to resolve the issue and maintain your HIPAA compliance.[/accordion_item][/accordion]

These are some of the steps can answer the question of “how do I become HIPAA compliant” and are some of the many features included in The Guard our HIPAA compliance solution.  Please feel free to fill out the form below to find out more information on how we can solve your HIPAA compliance.