From Panicked to Prepared: How to Reply to a HIPAA Audit

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You’re probably wondering how you got here. You’re going about your business and you receive an audit for the Office for Civil Rights; now what? You might be panicking but take a deep breath because Compliancy Group is here to help. In this webinar you’ll learn the in’s and out’s on how to respond to an OCR audit. We’ll take you through the steps to ensure you have everything aligned and documented while giving you some comfort using real-life examples.

Liam Degnan, Director of Strategic Initiatives
Liam Degnan has an 8+ year history of experience combining risk management, SaaS sales, and regulatory compliance in the healthcare space. As Compliancy Group’s Director of Strategic Initiatives, he advises healthcare decision-makers, healthcare providers, and medical vendors. He speaks on a variety of platforms and topics, with an emphasis on simplifying the complex HIPAA regulations.

The thoroughness of training, and guidance to understand and implement HIPAA compliance regulations and processes. One of the best things I appreciate are the resources and the ability to review what is covered in each session.

Laura S., Office Manager

Everything was really precise, the level of information was outstanding. Compliancy Group gives you great guidance from industry experts. Now we use The Guard to train every new staff member and maintain annual training requirements.

Chad R., CEO

We have been impressed by how dedicated the Compliancy Group team is at ensuring that our clinic meets HIPAA regulations. They have walked us through every step of the way, and we now have confidence that we understand federal regulations on privacy and security and can comply with them.

David G., Owner

The team at Compliancy Group makes a highly complex process easy to understand. Their platform simplifies and organizes everything for you.

Benjamin S. , Optometrist

Before we worked with Compliancy Group, there was a tendency to look at HIPAA as overwhelming, a huge undertaking–something that was going to be a burden both of cost and time. The lesson we learned? That’s just not so with Compliancy Group.

Joel M., Senior VP