Compliancy Group has partnered with MSPStrong to help provide free resources to MSPs to help them in this volatile time. Having access to our Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy and our HIPAA working form home/Telecommuting Policies not only give you access to help your employees but to provide better assistance to your Healthcare clients during a time of need. Additionally we are offering a free consultation with our VP of Cybersecurity to help you identify your own compliance requirements based on the clients you serve. Together we can protect and serve our critical and under siege medical community in this time of need. Together we can be MSP Strong!!!

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Telecommuting allows employees to work remotely at home for a part of their regular workweek. Telecommuting is a voluntary work alternative that may be appropriate for some employees and some jobs.

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This document provides policies, standards, and rules of behavior for the use of personally-owned devices (Laptops, smartphones and/or tablets) by employees to access the Organization’s resources and/or services.

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Our free compliance consultation is presented by former MSP and Compliancy Group’s VP of Partner Engagement and Cybersecurity Paul Redding. Paul will go through the specific pain points for an MSP handling clients in compliance regulated industries like healthcare, including a review of your specific client-base to identify the compliance standards that must be met.

“DISCLAIMER: Compliancy Group provides this content as a service to readers and customers. This content does not offer or constitute legal advice. You should not rely on this content as a substitute for, nor does this content replace, professional advice of any kind, including, but limited to, legal advice or medical advice. While we make every effort to ensure that this content is as accurate as possible, we cannot accept any responsibility or liability for the completeness, accuracy, or errors contained in this content. This content is part of a compliance program, but the policy or use thereof does not make the user or reader HIPAA compliant.”

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