MSP Workshop:
How to Sell Cyber-Security Solutions

MSPs across the country are trying to find out how to make cyber-security a part of their business. With ransomware, malware incidents, and huge data breaches like Anthem and Equifax making headlines day after day, the cyber-security business is posed for tremendous growth. But you’ve probably realized that capitalizing on this fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) is not enough to compel most customers to open their wallet. So what works? Do you need different technology? Or to find the right managed security service provider (MSSP)?

Learn from these industry experts and find out how they’ve made a business out of selling cyber-security services to small and mid-sized businesses.

  • Carlin Bradley- An MSP with a track record of success selling managed services to heavily regulated companies. 
  • Compliancy Group- Leading HIPAA compliance solution and has seen a huge cross-section of cyber-security offerings in healthcare. 
  • Adelia Risk- A Virtual CISO service that can help you to understand what’s in the mind of your buyers.

Complete Compliance Solution

Make sure your business and the tools you use to run it are compliant.

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