Third Party HIPAA Audit

Throughout the years we have noticed a trend in HIPAA compliance and third party HIPAA audits. A lot of organizations have been fooled by the term Third party HIPAA audit or assessment. Though having an outside firm looking at your organization and audit you, it does not ensure full HIPAA compliance, nor can anyone in that matter. One issue we notice is an onslaught of “Third Party HIPAA Audits” that are simply just a Risk Assessment of your security. Though a Security Risk Assessment is a part of HIPAA compliance and should be done for both HIPAA and Meaningful Use, it is only a small piece of HIPAA compliance and does not satisfy the regulation.

The Guard is more than just HIPAA compliance software.

  • Verifiable HIPAA Seal of Compliance
  • Self Auditing Functionality
  • Live HIPAA Coach
  • 100% OCR/CMS Audit Pass Rate