What is Compliance Monitoring Software?

Compliance monitoring software allows organizations to track and manage their HIPAA compliance, but what should you look for when choosing which compliance monitoring software to use for your business? 

Most compliance monitoring software platforms offer bits and pieces of HIPAA compliance, leaving healthcare organizations with more questions than answers. Compliancy Group on the other hand, aims to simplify compliance, giving clients everything they need to satisfy the law.

Why Compliancy Group

HIPAA Compliance is an important part of your business, so why not use someone you can trust? Compliancy Group is the only compliance firm to be listed on both Inc. 2020 Best Places to Work and 2020 Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in America. By working with us, you are welcomed into the safety of our family.

Put your trust in us

Compliancy Group’s Compliance Monitoring Software

Our total HIPAA solution allows you to address the full extent of HIPAA law in a streamlined process. We take the guesswork out of compliance, giving you exactly what you need to Achieve, Illustrate, and MaintainTM your HIPAA compliance.

Compliance Monitoring Software

Our compliance monitoring software includes:

All required self-audits (including security risk assessments)

Gap identification and remediation plans (automatically created through completion of your self-audits)

Policies and procedures (covering the HIPAA Privacy, Security, and Breach Notification Rules)

Intuitive employee training (with videos and quizzes to test your knowledge)

Business associate management (vendor questionnaires and business associate agreements)

Incident management (anonymous breach reporting tool and incident tracking)

Why Choose Compliancy Group

Working with Compliancy Group poses several benefits that you cannot get from working with another compliance firm.

Compliance Coaches. We know that HIPAA compliance can be difficult to grasp, as the law is convoluted, which is why we have expert Compliance CoachesTM, guiding users through every step of the process. We provide clients with real support throughout our HIPAA compliance implementation process. Our expert Compliance Coaches meet with clients virtually to walk them through every step of our process. If you have any questions in between sessions, Coaches are always available to help, whether by phone or email.

Seal of Compliance. Our Seal of ComplianceTM is an industry-recognized HIPAA verification and validation tool. Once you have completed our implementation process, your Compliance Coach will review your compliance program to verify that you have everything you need to prove your compliance efforts. Clients that have a validated compliance program are eligible to receive our Seal of Compliance (SOC). The SOC can be displayed on your website, email signature, and at your physical location.

The SOC is a great differentiator as it proves to your clients/patients and prospective clients/patients that you are dedicated to keeping their protected health information (PHI) secure. 

Audit Support. If you are subject to a HIPAA audit, as a Compliancy Group client, you receive full audit support. All of the documentation you need to prove your “good faith effort” towards compliance to the Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) Office for Civil Rights (OCR) is available in our compliance monitoring software. Upon request, we will provide you with all of the documentation you need, and will support you throughout the audit process. You know we can be trusted to handle your audit, as we have never failed an audit on behalf of our clients!

Industry Recognition. Our compliance monitoring software is endorsed by more than 40 top medical associations and tech providers the country. They put their trust in us, and so can you!

Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies in America and Inc. 2020 Best Places to Work. Compliancy Group is the only compliance firm to be awarded with both Inc. 2020 Best Places to Work and 2020 Inc. 5000 list of Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America. We strive to keep our employees focused and happy, not only to provide the best place to work, but to be the best place to work with. Our employees love what they do, so you know by working with us, you will get the best possible customer service. Work with us and get the service you have been looking for! 

Education. Compliancy Group’s team of content writers keep you informed and educated. Never be left in the dark on changes to HIPAA and other laws affecting the healthcare industry. To keep clients informed, we send out monthly newsletters with the most important HIPAA news. We also host informative webinars allowing clients to ask our team members questions throughout the session.