Need HIPAA in Spanish?

Compliancy Group understands that many organizations require HIPAA in Spanish for their Spanish-speaking employees. An important part of HIPAA compliance is the ability of staff members to understand their obligations to comply with the regulations. This is why it is important for all staff members to be able to read, understand, and legally attest to your organization’s policies and procedures, as well as undergo training that they can understand.

Compliancy Group has all of the documentation necessary for your organization to implement an effective compliance program available in Spanish. In addition, to ensure that your organization instills a culture of compliance, all of our training material is also available in Spanish. We are committed to helping all of our clients comply with the full extent of the HIPAA regulation, enabling you to pass a HIPAA audit, and keep the reputation you worked so hard for.

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Why Do I Need HIPAA in Spanish?

  • Every employee, from owners to staff members, must be able to attest to all policies and procedures

  • Annual training and tracking is required

  • Avoid fines

  • Protect your business

HIPAA in Spanish

Policies and Procedures

Organizations need custom policies and procedures that apply directly to their business operations. Policies and procedures dictate the ways in which protected health information (PHI) may be used and disclosed. Employees must be aware of how they are permitted to use and disclose PHI. We provide clients that have Spanish-speaking employees with policies and procedures in Spanish so that their employees can understand their HIPAA obligations.

Employee Training

Employees must complete HIPAA training annually. To ensure that employees understand, and agree to comply with HIPAA standards and your organization’s policies and procedures, employees must legally attest to the training material. Providing employee training in Spanish, for Spanish-speaking employees, is an essential component of HIPAA compliance. That’s why we have made all of our training material available in Spanish.