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Dr. Juan E. Lopez Rosario – Dental Health Solutions, Fulton, NY.

Dr. Juan E. Lopez Rosario is the owner of Dental Health Solutions, a full-service dental practice in Fulton, New York. For several years, Dr. Lopez Rosario wrestled with the requirements of maintaining HIPAA compliance while leading his team of 11 employees and serving the needs of his patients.

Today, Dr. Lopez Rosario uses Compliancy Group’s HIPAA automation solution within “The Guard” to simplify compliance and make the process easier to manage. We asked him to tell us about his practice, the challenges he and many other dental professionals face, and his experience with HIPAA before and after partnering with Compliancy Group.

What do you love about your work, and what are some of the challenges you face?

Being able to provide a positive environment for both my employees and my patients is the most satisfying part of the job. Working daily to be a better provider and leader is the second aspect I enjoy the most. The ability to make our office a place people want to work or get services is my ultimate goal.

Rising operational costs and stagnant reimbursements are the most challenging aspects facing dentistry, and our practice is not immune to these factors. To keep treatment affordable for patients, it remains a challenge to keep costs down. This is in combination with a general shortage of dental personnel.

Our area has a severe shortage of hygienists and dental assistants. As a result, some practices have closed their doors because of this issue. Others struggle to meet the demand for services due to the lack of trained professionals to serve patients.

What is your role in managing HIPAA Compliance in your dental office, and what challenges did you face in meeting the HIPAA standards?

We have always worked to achieve full compliance with HIPAA, but the task is a daunting one when tackled on your own. For many years all the responsibility for updates, training, revisions, etc., fell to me. In terms of time spent, this was a drain on me. Learning all the provisions and reading the information was enjoyable, but organizing it to be compliant was not.

Since joining Compliancy Group, I have been able to assign the duties of the Compliance Officer, Security Officer, and Privacy Officer to members of my administrative staff. All HIPAA-related matters are discussed within our compliance team, with my consent required for any action.

How important is HIPAA compliance to your organization?

It is as important to me as sterilizing our dental instruments. My view of HIPAA is that it is something that is a part of our business operations that must be adhered to. If someone has concerns about our policies and procedures, we can show that we follow the standards to ensure that those concerns are addressed. It’s something that we should be doing, and it’s implied.

Did you investigate other HIPAA services before choosing to work with Compliancy Group? If so, what tipped the scales in our favor?

We have looked at other services over the years. Because I had a thorough understanding of HIPAA’s requirements, it was not difficult to spot where other services were lacking. Your endorsement from the American Dental Association also aroused my curiosity. During my demonstration, I realized in a matter of minutes that the system was complete and could satisfy all the requirements of the law. It was also comforting to know that I could reach out anytime with questions or concerns.

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How was your experience working with us?

The process was not complicated at all. In fact, the simplification of the process has been the biggest thing for me. I like knowing that Compliancy Group is on the lookout for any changes in the regulations that apply to us. It also brings peace of mind that they will not only educate me on the changes in regulations but also update our policies. All the processes are easy to follow, and the coaches are accessible. Also, I like that the training is offered online for employees to complete on their own time with complete documentation.

How effective were the Compliance Coaches?

Although I had previous experience working through HIPAA on my own, I believe it is critical to have a coach. The ability to quickly clarify questions and guide you through the documentation is critical for anyone who is less experienced in the law.

What are the most useful or surprising features you have found while using “The Guard™” software?

The dashboard is outstanding! Having everything all in one place makes it easy to find what you need. You can quickly see the current state of employee training or any other task that needs to be tracked. This, along with having continuous support for any questions or concerns, is extremely helpful. This minimizes the need for me to look for answers on my own.

Would you say you’ve seen a return on investment, whether that was time savings, cost savings, or reduced liability by working with Compliancy Group?

The biggest factor, as I’ve mentioned before, is time savings. Being in full compliance while having the support of experts justifies the annual expense. I would recommend Compliancy Group to anyone who values easy and responsive communication, a highly organized and streamlined process, and outstanding support.

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