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Sources is a sole-practitioner that was looking to become HIPAA compliant. However, upon extensive research, they found it difficult to find a HIPAA solution that caters to small practices. Most of the information available seemed to only apply to large organizations with 1000s of employees. 


When Hazel Camilla Hill M.A., LPC discovered Compliancy Group’s website, it was easy to find the information she needed. Ms. Hill had prior HIPAA knowledge, earning her CHP while working for a medical answering service. However, she still had some questions on which aspects of HIPAA applied to her small practice, and it was easy for her to reach a live person to answer her questions. She found Compliancy Group’s staff to be extremely knowledgeable, advising her on specific HIPAA needs as a sole-practitioner. 


By working with Compliancy Group, Ms. Hill was able to get the answers she needed to implement an effective HIPAA compliance program for her practice.

“Compliancy Group was knowledgeable with regards to HIPAA requirements, protocols, and procedures. Before working with Compliancy Group, I did a lot of research on what aspects of HIPAA applied to small practices, but it was difficult to find the information that I needed. Every other website I came across was a spider web of information, with mostly legal jargon, and made it seem like HIPAA only pertained to large organizations. When I visited Compliancy Group’s website, it was easy to navigate and to reach someone that I could ask direct questions to” – Hazel Camilla Hill M.A., LPC, Founder, Sources.

About Sources

Sources is a professional counseling agency that specializes in guiding clients to develop and strengthen their Mental Health Awareness. Services provided by Sources include individual, group, family, and marital counseling. They also offer psychoeducational groups for stress, anger, and grief management, as well as domestic violence.

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