Compliance Monitoring Trust Badge

Compliancy Group’s healthcare compliance monitoring trust badge is given to users who have activated their compliance program. With live monitoring and an active compliance date displayed on the trust badge, you can be confident that this organization is actively monitoring their compliance using Compliancy Group’s software.

Healthcare Compliance Trust Badge

Frequently Asked Questions

HIPAA Compliance Software

The trust badge is proof that you are monitoring your compliance program using Compliancy Group’s proprietary Compliance Software, The Guard.

After activating your subscription in our software, you will receive the badge for your site to showcase your compliance status to website visitors. Trust Badges are available for HIPAA, OSHA, and SOC 2 standards.

You are eligible to receive the seal the moment you sign into The Guard. As you implement compliance best practices your trust dashboard will populate to show any visitors who click what the status of your compliance initiatives are.

How We Help

Policies & Procedures

Templated policies and procedures that meet compliance requirements, and can be tailored to your organization.


Train, track, and manage your entire staff’s compliance training with videos, quizzes, and personalized certificates.

Risk Assessments

Guided risk assessments that identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities, and create corrective action plans to fix them.

Incident Management

Report, track, and manage incidents using our compliance dashboard. Accelerate incident response with our advanced ticketing system.

Compliance Monitoring

Manage compliance across multiple regulations. Get a view of your overall compliance, receive notifications, and generate reports.

Compliance Trust Badge

With the Trust Badge on your site, patients and clients know you are actively monitoring compliance and protecting their information.

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