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100% HHS/OCR Audit Pass Rate, and Here’s Why…

Live HIPAA Compliance Coach Support

Dedicated Support

Our implementation process doesn’t just guide you through our software, we help you actually understand the complete HIPAA regulation. Our Compliance Coaches will walk you through the regulatory requirements, helping you and your office instill a culture of compliance. We keep you and your business safe.

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Guided Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

Did you know there’s more to HIPAA than just a Security Risk Assessment? Never settle for a solution that doesn’t address your Privacy, Administrative, Technical, and Security requirements. We guide you through completing each of these mandatory Assessments and develop full remediation plans to protect your business.

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Unlimited HIPAA Compliance Training

Intuitive Training

Training your staff is a key component of HIPAA compliance–but what does effective training actually entail? The Guard includes unlimited employee training, but more importantly, we allow you to track who’s been trained, and when they’re due to be re-trained.

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Breach Support

We know a HIPAA breach can be scary. Let our breach response team help you clean up any issues or questions you may have in the event of a breach. Business Associate Agreements, Policies and Procedures, and everything else you need to fully address your HIPAA compliance.

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HIPAA Compliance Software

Verified Compliance

Compliancy Group’s HIPAA Seal of Compliance is the most trusted third-party verification method on the market. Show your clients, patients, and prospects that you care about their confidentiality with our verifiable Seal of Compliance.

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Why We're #1

Unlike other solutions that only cover parts of the regulation and leave you to fend for yourself, Compliancy Group gives you the means to address the full extent of the regulatory requirements with the help of a coach. We tailor a unique compliance plan for you so that you can confidently run your business.

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