HIPAA training is an important aspect of an effective HIPAA compliance program. Due to the need for training in the healthcare market we offer a free HIPAA training video below. Please have your staff or employees watch the video to help gain a better understanding of HIPAA.

HIPAA training is important, but it doesn’t make you HIPAA compliant

Compliancy Group understands the challenges that health care professionals across the industry face when it comes to HIPAA training. Federal HIPAA regulation outlines annual HIPAA training requirements for your staff and employees. At Compliancy Group, we make it our mission to simplify HIPAA compliance and certification.

While most free HIPAA certification & training sites will give you a cursory understanding of your requirements under the regulation, they fail to address the full extent of the law.

Instead of free HIPAA training, you should be looking to meet all the federal requirements for effective HIPAA training. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of Inspector General (OIG) outlines the minimum necessary requirements for any compliance program in a document called the Seven Fundamental Elements of an Effective Compliance Program. This outline is a powerful tool that should be the guiding force behind your compliance program. With this infrastructure in place, you can look at the specific implementation standards outlined in the law to help your business become compliant.

So when it comes to online HIPAA training, make sure the HIPAA compliance solution you choose allows you to address:

HIPAA 101: Effective HIPAA training must include the fundamentals that you and your staff need to know about the ins and outs of HIPAA compliance. HIPAA 101 training gives you confidence in how your business handles Protected Health Information (PHI) and safeguards the privacy and security of your clients’ health information. HIPAA 101 training is an essential way to prevent possible breaches and fines before they occur.

Social Media: With the presence of social media in the workplace as a marketing tool and for personal use growing, it’s never been more important to train your employees on how to avoid HIPAA violations on social media. Effective HIPAA training should introduce your employees to basic ways to handle social media. Pair HIPAA training with your organization’s Policies and Procedures to give your employees the tools they need to protect patient and client data.

Policies and Procedures: Another essential element of HIPAA compliance is the creation, documentation, and implementation of policies and procedures. HIPAA policies and procedures must directly apply to all applicable HIPAA standards that your business is responsible for complying with. Your business must ensure that all employees have been properly trained on the content of these policies and procedures. Because policies and procedures are meant to be unique to the needs of your business (just another reason why policy binders don’t work), there is no one-size-fits-all free HIPAA training that can give you an effective way to address the law.

Compliancy Group is here to help you address the rest of the regulatory requirements. You can even attend the next Free HIPAA webinar series. Our total HIPAA software solution will make you confident that you’ve satisfied every element of the federal regulation.

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