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HIPAA training is one of the most important aspects of HIPAA compliance. But why is this so? Well, how can employees be expected to follow the HIPAA regulations if they don’t know what they are? HIPAA compliance training provides employees with a HIPAA introduction including how to recognize protected health information (PHI), proper uses and disclosures of PHI, how to keep PHI secure, and how to report a breach of PHI.

So why would we give away such a valuable asset? Most companies charge people simply for employee HIPAA training when training is not enough for your organization to be HIPAA compliant. We don’t want to waste your money by charging you for something that is only a small part of the regulation. HIPAA compliance also requires organizations to conduct annual self-audits, implement remediation plans, have written policies and procedures, have signed business associate agreements, and implement incident management. 

Also, did you know employee HIPAA training is an annual requirement? How are you tracking your employees’ training? How are you making sure new employees are trained in the required timeframe? Do you have reminders set up for when an employee’s training is due? We can handle all of this for you! Our HIPAA compliance management software documents and stores everything you need to have in place to implement an effective HIPAA compliance program. It also provides you the ability to track your employee training, ensuring that training is completed when it needs to be.

HIPAA Compliance Training

Free Online HIPAA Training with Certificate

Compliancy Group’s free HIPAA training course includes HIPAA 101 training, how to comply with HIPAA, and cybersecurity best practices. Our online HIPAA training for employees offers an engaging way to instruct employees and test their HIPAA knowledge. As an added benefit, our new free online HIPAA training with certificate of completion is provided to employees that successfully complete and pass their HIPAA compliance course online.  Our free HIPAA training certificate (valid for a year — as HIPAA annual training is required) can be shared on social media, and displayed in the “Licenses and certifications” section of employees’ LinkedIn profiles.

This basic HIPAA training course is the perfect starting point for your organization’s HIPAA compliance!  

HIPAA Compliance Training Online!

HIPAA 101 Training

Effective HIPAA training must include the fundamentals that you and your staff need to know about HIPAA compliance, and is an essential part of preventing breaches and fines.

Our HIPAA 101 training provides employees with a HIPAA introduction, giving them an understanding of the basics of HIPAA. HIPAA consists of three major components, the Privacy, Security, and Breach Notification Rules. In our HIPAA 101 training module, employees are given an overview of how each of these rules applies to the healthcare industry, and their obligations in regards to the Rules. 

Cybersecurity Best Practices Training

To prevent breaches from occurring, it is important that your employees are trained on cybersecurity best practices. This includes using strong passwords, not sharing login credentials, how to recognize a phishing email, etc. Compliancy Group’s HIPAA IT training provides employees with useful tips on how to keep your organization’s information safe.

Why Free HIPAA Training is Not Enough

Although free HIPAA training is a good start, there are certain important aspects of HIPAA that free online training courses cannot cover. This is the training material that is specific to your organization. Part of HIPAA annual training requirements highlight the necessity to train your employees on your organization’s internal privacy and security policies and procedures. As each organization is required to have unique HIPAA policies and procedures to meet their specific needs, free HIPAA training cannot feasibly offer this.

As part of Compliancy Group’s total HIPAA compliance solution, clients are provided with all of the training materials required by HIPAA, including training on your organization’s HIPAA policies and procedures (custom HIPAA policies and procedures are also part of our package!). Our HIPAA training software allows administrators to oversee their staff training by enabling progress tracking for each employee. At the end of each HIPAA training module, employees’ knowledge is tested through a series of questions. Proof of each employees’ completed training is stored in our HIPAA training software, with their legal attestations that they understand and agree to adhere to the training material. 

Whether you require training for dental professionals, mental health professionals, medical offices, business associates, or employees, we’re here to help!

Training is just one part of HIPAA!

Your organization has many requirements to be fully compliant. We offer a complete solution.