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Compliancy Group believes in the importance of HIPAA and HITECH compliance education. We work with industry leaders to provide FREE access to our education series. Register to attend the latest HIPAA webinars or to receive a FREE copy of past events. Hear the experts talk about today’s HIPAA, HITECH, The Omnibus Rule and Meaningful Use Core Measure 15 compliance issues.

Tuesday, October 17th 2:00 ET.

Through the years of helping the Healthcare industry become HIPAA compliant and pass their HIPAA audits, we continually run into the same HIPAA compliance issues and questions. In this webinar we will run through a HIPAA compliance checklist of what needs to be done for your organization to meet the Federal Requirements. All attendees will receive a FREE personal walk through of their organization and to answer all their questions, concerns and to focus you on what your organization needs.

Questions we will cover: 

What do I need to do to become HIPAA compliant?
I’ve done my Security Risk Assessment, now what?
Is there a such thing as overkill when it comes to HIPAA?
Can you automate HIPAA compliance completely?
Is group or individual training sufficient?

Thursday, October 26th 2:00 ET.

Traditionally, businesses used telephone lines from “the phone company” and used a telephone system (PBX). Fax machines and mobile phones were separate things. Today, the concept of “unified communications” is bringing all of these together to operate in a HIPAA compliant unified manner, lowering costs and enhancing functionality. This webinar will explain how (VOIP) cloud-based communications works, improving and simplifying the operation of your office. We will discuss features such as voicemail to e-mail transcription, mobile phone app integration, softphone extension for use on a laptop, and much more. 

Wednesday, November 1st 2:00 ET.

Health care professionals managing online reviews on Google and Yelp know that they can cost you your reputation and deter new patients. These reviews now show at the top of search engine results, meaning that negative feedback will follow your organization. With consumer awareness and eagerness to check reviews growing, you can’t afford to miss this webinar. Find out how HIPAA compliance can change the way your practice handles reviews! We’ll give you the experts’ advice on how to keep your negative reviews down with simple techniques that ANY health care professional can use, and show you how to respond to reviewers without violating HIPAA. Don’t miss out!
In this webinar you will learn:

Why Doctors have surpassed restaurants in yelp searches
Why negative reviews will ruin your reputation
How to manage or remove negative feedback
How HIPAA compliance can help avoid a costly reply

Wednesday, November 8th 2:00 ET.

Managing social media use and HIPAA compliance can lead to some of the most common misunderstandings that eye care professionals face. Employees who aren’t properly trained on HIPAA and social media can expose your organization to HIPAA violations and costly fines!

Whether your practice is using Facebook to attract new clients, or your employees are posting about their workday on Twitter, improper use of social media can lead to major HIPAA violations. Especially now that smart phones and access to apps like Instagram and Snapchat are on the rise, more of these violations have been making the headlines than ever before. 

The question becomes: how can eye care professionals use social media without violating HIPAA privacy and security requirements?

In this webinar we’ll outline exactly how to protect your business by managing how your employees use social media. You’ll get concrete examples of how to create effective policies surrounding uses of phones and social media around the office, as well as real life examples of HIPAA breaches that have occurred as a result of improper social media usage.

HIPAA Compliance Checklist Webinar
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