Regulatory Compliance & Cybersecurity Training

Training that educates employees on best practices and risks.

Compliancy Group’s comprehensive training educates employees on regulatory compliance and cybersecurity best practices. Course material was specifically built to ensure individuals are actively engaged and empowered to protect patients and their organizations.

Employees can earn CE credits and can take leadership courses for more in depth training. Advanced courses are also offered as complete learning paths, allowing staff to be certified in various aspects of compliance and cybersecurity. Administrators get access to advanced reporting tools to track their team’s progress and their organization’s overall compliance and cybersecurity readiness levels.


Training LMS

90+ courses with CE and certifications available (for many courses)

Manage user profiles, track progress, and assign courses with ease

Courses offered as audiobooks, text, and video

Automated reports highlighting strengths and compliance

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With so many work responsibilities, it can be difficult to keep staff engaged in training. With access to 90+ courses, various aspects of compliance and cybersecurity are covered, including HIPAA, OSHA, FWA, Cyber Safety, and Clinical. Training can be tailored to align with employee’s job roles, experience levels, and learning styles, ensuring each employee is trained effectively.

Find out why Compliancy Group’s approach is the most effective way to educate your staff.

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