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Simplifying Compliance Project Management & Administration

With 20 years experience in healthcare compliance, Compliancy Group is the industry-standard for compliance. Rated as a leader in healthcare compliance software and easiest to do business with by G2, and endorsed by top medical associations, clients can be confident in our software.

  • Compliance management, tracking, and reporting.

  • Policy, training, vendor, contract, and incident management.

  • HIPAA, OSHA, and SOC 2 support.

Customizable Compliance Programs

From the small practice manager to the seasoned compliance officer, The Guard delivers the healthcare compliance value needed in a tailored and configurable platform.


  • SOC 2

  • OSHA Dental

  • OSHA Medical

Frequently Asked Questions

Our software includes everything needed to track and manage any compliance framework, all in one centralized location. With robust frameworks and templated material, you can manage the latest compliance and security standards across multiple healthcare industry standards and regulations.

We serve everyone from startups to large organizations. Your compliance program will be specially tailored for your needs.

​​It depends on how you’re currently managing your compliance efforts, but feedback from our clients is that this tool saves them a lot of time: “I have put in probably 15 hours, and to get to the same spot that I am today without the Guard would have taken me 80 hours easily. And I’m not sure I would get where I am.”

Every business is different which is why our pricing plans are specially built for your organization. For pricing information, click here.

Yes, you are! Our Partner Program helps you and your clients become compliant.

Our product is fully cloud-based so you don’t have to worry about downloading anything!

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Experience the freedom of managing your compliance with Compliancy Group.


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“We are fortunate to have the excellent services of the Compliancy Group LLC and their technological solutions to make managing this area a breeze!”

“The overall process of working with the Compliancy Group is truly amazing.”

“I love that the staff is always available and so helpful during the process even throughout the year when we have questions.”

“We have been impressed by how dedicated the Compliancy Group team is at ensuring that our clinic meets HIPAA regulations.”

“Compliancy Group helps us to get through the risk assessment each year and get back to seeing patients.”

“The Expert White Glove service of the Team was there every step of the way helping to achieve compliance.”

“If you care about the security of your clients’ data and your own practice, Compliancy Group is the firm to use.”