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Center for Counseling & Family Relationships on Using Compliancy Group’s Software

Healthcare Providers

Case studies demonstrating how Compliancy Group has helped medical organizations with their compliance

Learn how this multi-location provider used our software to track and manage compliance.

Dental Health Solutions

Dental practice uses ADA-endorsed software to achieve compliance.

Alabama Cancer

Multi-location healthcare provider sees ROI in HIPAA compliance.

Sole Practitioner HIPAA Compliance

Community mental health sole practitioner achieves HIPAA compliance.

Imperial valley HIPAA

Successfully passes HIPAA audit using Compliancy Group.

new leaf hyperbarics HIPAA

Successfully passes HIPAA audit using Compliancy Group.

medical case study

Used Compliancy Group to avoid an OCR fine.

“We were scared to death after going to the HHS website to see all the requirements. The Guard took all the complication out of it. Without the Guard we would still be floundering. Thanks for making a truly great product!”

Dana O, Business Continuity Services of Texas

“I’ve used some of the other software that’s out there on the market. I don’t find that those tools serve the needs of the Compliance Officer or the organization as well as the Guard does.”

Dotty B, Integrity Healthcare Advisors

“Compliancy Group’s software is exactly the answer I was looking for to create and manage my policies and procedures. Working with them saved me at least three years of work.”

Clive W, Alabama Cancer Centers

“We have safeguards in place, we’re trained, and we understand the process. Our medical clients love that. Since signing up with Compliancy Group, medical has become one of our top industries.”

Jenna E, Eighty-One Eleven HR Consulting

“After partnering with Compliancy Group, our sales approach completely transformed. Offering compliance services allowed us to decrease our sales cycle and increase sales conversion.”

Simeon R, SAR Technology Group

Vendors and SaaS

How Compliancy Group helps vendors and SaaS providers improve their business and gain customers with compliance

Eighty-One Eleven

HR consulting firm uses HIPAA compliance for differentiation.

Team Keep Logo

Team Keep

Startup nonprofit achieves HIPAA compliance.

SaaS Provider Achieves HIPAA Compliance

SaaS provider uses HIPAA to vet partners.

Uses Seal of Compliance as a sales differentiator.

SaaS provider achieves HIPAA compliance.

Phone-com case study

Needed the ability to sign Business Associate Agreements.

click2mail HIPAA

Used Compliancy Group to offer HIPAA compliant mailing services.

MSPs and MSSPs

How Compliancy Group helps MSPs and MSSPs providers improve their business and gain customers with compliance

Differentiation with HIPAA

MSP uses HIPAA to differentiate its firm.

HIPAA Compliant MSSP

MSSP used partner resources to win new clients.

JP Technical Logo

MSP used HIPAA compliance to help grow its business.

Used HIPAA to decrease sales cycle and increase sales conversion.

OMS logo

Started offering HIPAA compliance to Optometric practices.

apex technology

Used Compliancy Group to start offering HIPAA to their clients.

Carlin Bradley

Used HIPAA to enter the healthcare market.

Needed to add HIPAA compliance to their stack.

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