HIPAA Fines Listed by Year

HIPAA Settlements, Fines, and Penalties

HIPAA settlements are hard to keep track of–that’s why we’ve created this simple directory of large-scale HIPAA fines listed by year. All information on HIPAA violation cases is provided by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office for Civil Rights (OCR) on their HIPAA Resolution Agreements overview.

For the full list of HIPAA breaches and fines, you can visit OCR’s Breach Portal, or “Wall of Shame“. This is where OCR lists the countless other small-scale HIPAA breaches and fines. View our HIPAA fines chart below for the full HIPAA settlements list.

Remember that large-scale settlements are only a fraction of the fines levied by federal investigators every year. Once you’ve had a HIPAA breach, one of the consequences of violating HIPAA is that the name of your practice is permanently listed on The Wall of Shame for violating HIPAA–including the offense, date, and number of individuals affected. Look through this chart for HIPAA violation case examples.

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2023 HIPAA Fines

Date Organization Fine Total OCR Settlement Announcement

Life Hope Labs

Lab Pays $16,500 Settlement to HHS, Resolving Potential HIPAA Violation over Medical Records Request
2/2/2023 Banner Health $1,250,000
HHS Office for Civil Rights Settles HIPAA Investigation with Arizona Hospital System Following Cybersecurity Hacking
 2023 TOTAL: $1,266,500

2022 HIPAA Fines

Date Organization Fine Total