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Compliancy Group’s Partner Program

Our HIPAA Partner program allows you to benefit from our industry leading HIPAA compliance software and expertise.

HIPAA compliance is one of the fastest growing areas of greenfield or blue ocean opportunities for health care IT, medical billing, and service professionals today. HIPAA is a regulation effecting millions of Covered Entitles (Physicians and Medical Practices) and Business Associates (anyone who is paid to handle health care information on behalf of the Covered Entity).

Partnering with Compliancy Group gives you the tools and support you need to capitalize on this endless market by offering Compliance-as-a-Service.

Referral Partners:

Our referral program allows any type of business to leverage their current and new relationships with businesses in need of HIPAA compliance. Simply introduce us and let us do the legwork! You’ll get a commission from any sales we close, and leverage your pre-existing base.

Resellers and VARs:

Build upon your current relationships or use our service to enter the Healthcare market. HIPAA compliance is an untapped industry–HHS reports that nearly 70% of the health care market does nothing to address HIPAA. Compliancy Group empowers our partners to seize on this opportunity by adding, combining, or reselling compliance-as-a-service. Leveraging our years of marketing and industry expertise, you can add HIPAA to your current offerings and start making money today.

For any of the above options we include marketing support including campaigns, sales coaching, and HIPAA training, as well as full access to our Compliance Coaches. With our unmatched support and our comprehensive affiliate and lead tracking, Compliancy Group is the number one choice for Compliance-as-a-Service in the market.

Why Resell our HIPAA Compliance Software?

  • Break Into the Healthcare market

  • Most endorsed solution on the market

  • Increase Evergreen Revenue

  • Differentiate yourself from the competition

  • Retain and protect your clients

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Want To Start Making Money With HIPAA?

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