Compliancy Group’s Partner Program

Our Healthcare Compliance Partner program allows you to benefit from our industry leading compliance software and expertise.
You handle the security, we’ll handle the compliance.

Your Benefits

We sell for you –Whether it’s a current client of yours or a prospect, we will help you sell compliance. All you need to do is get us on a call and we will take it from there! Your company controls the transactions and interactions with the clients, we’re just here to make the compliance process simple.

Trust Badge – If you’re working in the healthcare space you are required to be HIPAA compliant. Once you activate your subscription in our software, you receive our Trust Badge. Compliancy Group is endorsed by top industry leaders in all verticals. By working with us, you become the vendor of choice.

Full toolset – We provide you with all the tools you need to sell HIPAA including webinars, email templates, flyers, graphics, and more.

Partner Portal access – You will gain access to our Partner Portal which is designed to provide partners with all product information and compliance tools which is necessary to deliver to your clients.

Satisfy the law – As a company that deals with PHI, you are required by law to become HIPAA compliant. As an added benefit, you are protecting your clients by delivering compliance to them.

Compliancy Group is a proud provider of simplified compliance.

“Compliancy Group allowed us to land our largest customer ever and that customer said yes to us for $20,000 a month in MRR.”

Brian Hamilton, Co-Founder Mad Data IO

“We were scared to death after going to the HHS website to see all the requirements. The Guard took all the complication out of it. Without the Guard we would still be floundering. Thanks for making a truly great product!”

Dana O, Business Continuity Services of Texas

“Compliancy Group’s greatest strength is knowledge. I’m in tech and I don’t want to sit down and learn 700 pages of the law. But when working with Compliancy Group, they outline the framework you need to be compliant.”

Matthew Meltzer, Compass Managed IT

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