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Learn how this HR consulting firm used HIPAA to differentiate its business.

Eighty-One Eleven works with small to mid-sized businesses as an outsourced HR partner. Smaller businesses cannot hire a VP-level employee to support their HR needs, but they still need that level of presence within their organization. This is where Eighty-One Eleven comes in. They oversee onboarding/offboarding, benefits administration, day-to-day HR tasks, employee relations, training development, and payroll. Located in Kansas City, they work with clients locally as well as national and international clients. While Eighty-One Eleven works with clients in many industries, they now work a lot in the medical industry thanks to Compliancy Group.

Compliancy Group spoke with Jenna Eschenbrenner, Owner/Founder of Eighty-One Eleven HR Consulting, discussing her experience working with our team and her thoughts on our product.

Expanding Into the Healthcare Market

Jenna Eschenbrenner initially started looking into Compliancy Group when a friend from a business organization recommended our company. They were discussing ideas for building business and expanding into different industries. He had recently undergone Compliancy Group’s process and had a great experience working with us. He further explained how he can now market that he’s HIPAA compliant and that clients feel comfortable hiring his business because they know he will have their backs.

At the time, Eighty-One Eleven was in a pinch with a prospective dental client. They didn’t really have any other medical clients then, so they started looking into HIPAA requirements and what they needed to do to ensure compliance. 

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Going Through the HIPAA Process

Although Eschenbrenner already knew what HIPAA was and the importance of safeguarding sensitive employee data, she wasn’t quite sure what the HIPAA process would be like. She met with our sales team, and instantly loved what we had to say. 

Her assigned Coach walked her through the process, and when she reached out with questions, our team was very responsive and willing to set up additional meetings to provide further guidance. Eighty-One Eleven went through the process quickly and won that dental client.

“Compliancy Group made us feel comfortable in an area that we really didn’t feel comfortable in before. My coach made the process lighthearted while not downplaying the seriousness of HIPAA – was honest, very educated, encouraging, and kept us informed. It’s been great to get a response from an actual person – to have people who care about my business and made sure to take the time to ensure that they understood everything, made all the difference. We feel very supported by Compliancy Group’s team” – Jenna Eschenbrenner, Owner/Founder of Eighty-One Eleven HR Consulting.

She furthered, “Working with Compliancy Group has been a great way to educate our team around the ever-changing world of HIPAA regulations. We were able to achieve HIPAA compliance with the help of their friendly and informative team. We can now assure our medical industry clients that we understand the laws, have a plan in place, and are ready to assist their business without any hesitations.”

Leveraging HIPAA to Grow Client-base

Since completing Compliancy Group’s process and earning their HIPAA Seal of Compliance, Eighty-One Eleven now has a large medical client base. 

When first earning their Seal, they promoted it on social media and had a lot of people reach out as a result. They now market themselves as HIPAA compliant. They also added the Seal to their sales proposal to showcase their compliance, giving them huge differentiation in the HR market, as non of their competitors advertise their HIPAA compliance. 

Now, HIPAA is always top of mind for them. Their HIPAA compliance status has become a way to reassure clients that they have their back in the HR space and with private information. 

“We have safeguards in place, we’re trained, and we understand the process. Our medical clients love that. Since signing up with Compliancy Group, medical has become one of our top industries. We’ve been able to leverage the Seal in both marketing and sales to attract new clients. It also gives me peace of mind from a business owner’s perspective.” 

Keeping Clients Informed

Even after completing the HIPAA process, Compliancy Group has kept Eighty-One Eleven well informed on HIPAA through newsletters and social media posts. 

“It’s my job to keep my clients informed. So the fact Compliancy Group keeps me informed makes it easy to pass along information to my clients. It’s like an extra insurance policy for me.”

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