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Comprehensive Healthcare Compliance Software

A lot goes into a healthcare compliance program, and our software helps you track and manage it all. Whether you’d like to use our templated materials and prebuilt standards, or upload your own, our software makes it possible.

Our software has everything you need for compliance: policy management, risk assessments, comprehensive training for your entire staff, vendor management, incident reporting, and more. No matter your needs, our software provides guided action items to meet your requirements with ease.

Solve healthcare compliance challenges efficiently and effectively. Remove the complexities and stress of compliance, increase patient loyalty and the profitability of your business, and reduce risk. Endorsed by top medical associations, clients can be confident in their compliance program.

Effortlessly Track Compliance Tasks with Comprehensive Dashboard

With the Compliance Dashboard, you can easily view all the tasks that need to be completed. Quickly assess the progress of employee training, remediation efforts, assessment completion status, vendor status, and more with a comprehensive snapshot of your compliance efforts.

Streamline Compliance Training

healthcare compliance training

Compliancy Group’s comprehensive training educates employees on regulatory compliance and cybersecurity best practices. Using SCORM and PsySec approaches to training, individuals are actively engaged and empowered to protect patients and their organizations.

With access to 90+ courses, various aspects of compliance and cybersecurity are covered, including HIPAA, OSHA, FWA, Cyber Safety, and Clinical. Training can be tailored to align with employee’s job roles, experience levels, and learning styles, ensuring each employee is trained effectively. Advanced courses are also offered as complete learning paths, allowing staff to be certified in various aspects of compliance and cybersecurity.

Save Time on Compliance Documentation

Grey Sloan Policies and Procedures

Why start from scratch? Our software offers personalized and templated documents that adhere to healthcare regulations, providing you with a head start towards compliance. Save time and effort by utilizing our comprehensive library of documents, tailored to meet your specific needs.

Simplify Risk Assessments with Our Software

Grey Sloan Security Risk Analysis & Required Assessments

Our software streamlines the process of completing your required risk assessments. Simply answer a series of yes or no questions to assess your compliance risk, and our software will automatically identify any gaps and build corrective actions around them.

Easily Report Incidents with The Incident Manager

Grey Sloan Incident Management

Get a complete set of ticketing, tracking, and analysis tools to expedite incident response and management. Easily identify organizational risks from incident reports to improve your compliance efforts and prevent future incidents. Our software supports the reporting of all types of incidents and allows you to create custom events.

How We Help

Policies & Procedures

Templated policies and procedures that meet compliance requirements, and can be tailored to your organization.


Train, track, and manage your entire staff’s compliance training with videos, quizzes, and personalized certificates.

Risk Assessments

Guided risk assessments that identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities, and create corrective action plans to fix them.

Incident Management

Report, track, and manage incidents using our compliance dashboard. Accelerate incident response with our advanced ticketing system.

Compliance Monitoring

Manage compliance across multiple regulations. Get a view of your overall compliance, receive notifications, and generate reports.

Compliance Trust Badge

With the Trust Badge on your site, patients and clients know you are actively monitoring compliance and protecting their information.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can use our policies and training or upload your own to track and manage your compliance. If you’re using a spreadsheet to manage your compliance, you can upload it to manage your compliance efforts. Using and Hr platform? Our software integrates with major HR platform allowing to to manage employee access from a single location.

Every business is different which is why our pricing plans are specially built for your organization. For pricing information, click here.

Our professional and enterprise pricing tiers come with an onboarding coach. Once you have completed the onboarding period you will have access to our CSM team for ongoing strategic support. It’s their job to make sure you have everything you need to achieve your compliance goals with The Guard. Should you have a more technical question, our highly responsive U.S. based support team will provide the answers. Customers on our essential tier receive quick start guides for self-onboarding, and have access to CSMs via chat or email.

We serve everyone from startups to large organizations. Your compliance program will be specially tailored for your needs.

Our product is fully cloud-based so you don’t have to worry about downloading anything!

“I appreciate knowing that we are in compliance with HIPAA regulations. I tried doing this on my own and it was so complex and time consuming it completely interfered with my ability to actually run my practice. Compliancy Group helps us to get through the risk assessment each year and get back to seeing patients.”

-Alicia Nixon, Garner Physical Therapy Center

Healthcare Compliance Software

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