Healthcare Compliance Software

The most trusted solution for achieving compliance.


Simplify Healthcare Compliance with All-in-One Software

A lot goes into a healthcare compliance program, and our solution helps automate the process. Whether you need HIPAA, OSHA, SOC 2, or all three, your compliance program is fully customizable.

Our software has everything you need for compliance: templated policies and procedures, risk assessments, comprehensive training for your entire staff, vendor management, incident reporting, and more. No matter your needs, our software provides guided action items to meet your requirements with ease.

Solve healthcare compliance challenges quickly and confidently with simplified software. Remove the complexities and stress of compliance, increase patient loyalty and the profitability of your business, and reduce risk. Endorsed by top medical associations, clients can be confident in their compliance program.

Effortlessly Track Compliance Tasks with Comprehensive Dashboard

With the Compliance Dashboard, you can easily view all the tasks that need to be completed. Quickly assess the progress of employee training, remediation efforts, assessment completion status, vendor status, and more with a comprehensive snapshot of your compliance efforts.

Streamline Compliance Training and Attestations

Grey Sloan Training

Get a complete toolset for efficiently educating your entire workforce –  from new-hire employee training to refresher training. All you have to do is add employees to the platform, and they’re automatically assigned all relevant training modules. Proof of completed employee training is easily accessible from your compliance dashboard.