HIPAA Risk Assessment Checklist

With the importance of Security and HIPAA compliance we have seen an increase in request for a HIPAA Risk Assessment Checklist. Though a template, excel spreadsheet or just simply conducting a HIPAA risk assessment using a HIPAA risk assessment checklist at first may seem like enough, it could open your practice up to vulnerabilities and will not make you completely HIPAA compliant.

What is important in a HIPAA Risk Assessment Checklist?

When conducting your HIPAA risk assessment it is important to have a member of your IT department to make sure you can identify any issues you find, so you will be able to answer them to the best of your abilities. You must also be aware that there is more than one type of HIPAA risk assessment. Do Not fall for incomplete solutions that tell you a security risk assessment is all you need for HIPAA compliance. Below you can download out HIPAA compliance checklist, built off of the HHS guidelines you can use this tool to make sure your business is doing everything you need to be confident in your HIPAA compliance.

HIPAA Risk Assessment Checklist

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Examples of HIPAA Risk Assessment violations and fines

As you can see from the examples above, though a HIPAA risk assessment is a huge part of HIPAA compliance it alone cannot protect your practice or business from HIPAA breaches and fines. Having a complete compliance solution that follows the 7 fundamental elements of an effective compliance program from the HHS is key to proving you have done your due diligence under HIPAA.