A Full Compliance Solution in One Easy-to-Use Software

Software Overview

Snapshot of Compliance Status

Easily view your current compliance status and task list on a convenient dashboard. Ensuring you are never missing a step and always on the right track!

Training and Attestations

Training that goes beyond a powerpoint. We give you the ability to effectively train and track your employees, providing you with videos and personalized training materials.

Security Risk Assessment

We provide the tools to complete your Security Risk Assessment as well as all the other required audits. Our software, The Guard, combined with live guided coaching, gives you everything you need to complete your assessments efficiently and correctly. All you need to do is simply answer a series of yes or no questions to assess your HIPAA risk!

The Guard Documents

Policies and Procedures

We help you to create custom policies and procedures that meet HIPAA standards, and apply specifically to your business. All BAAs, necessary documentation, attestations and more – all stored in one easy-to-access platform.


Our software intuitively guides you through your HIPAA Risk Analysis and automatically assigns remediation plans. These remediation plans are fully documented and include calendar dates by which gaps need to be remedied.

The Guard Incidents

Incident Management

Breaches happen, and when they do, they need to be reported. The Guard incident manager makes it easy to report incidents and allows users to do so anonymously.