HIPAA Compliant Document Sharing: How to Send Medical Records Electronically

Electronic medical records (EMR) have become the norm as the healthcare industry continues to digitize. EMRs facilitate the secure sharing of patient health information (PHI) between healthcare providers, leading to better healthcare outcomes. However, sharing medical records electronically comes with risks, primarily if the records are not handled securely. With these risks, how can you send medical records electronically while staying HIPAA-compliant? [...]

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Is Microsoft SharePoint HIPAA Compliant?

Launched officially in 2001, Microsoft SharePoint was one of the first applications to allow users to collaborate with team members through document storing, sharing, and access control. It later added social networking capabilities and the ability to build intranet web pages and wikis to enhance the user experience. At least a quarter million businesses use the cloud-based SharePoint Online platform to help [...]

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