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Thursday, October 22nd from 2:00–3:30 EST

Can you name the one thing in your practice that can dictate everything from new patient referrals to insurance contract negotiations and recruiting of staff and providers?

Your practice’s online reputation is your most important asset, yet it is often ignored, unmanaged or neglected.
In this practical, informative live webinar, David Brooks, VP, Marketing, Doctor.com will discuss how to you can measure, control and protect your practice’s reputation:

  • How patients, insurance carriers, and potential employees evaluate the reputation of your practice
  • Five things you can do right now to improve the way search engines view your practice’s reputation
  • The best practices that define high-performance practices

The webinar is limited only medical practice owners and senior practice management executives. To register for the live webinar (or a private link to a playback), please complete this registration form.

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