At first glance, compliance can seem overwhelming.

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What will you learn in the demo?

With all the confusion and frustration with adhering to healthcare compliance regulations, it is hard to understand what your organization needs to do and how to track it once it’s in place. Learn how our software and support take the confusion and questions out of compliance, making you confident in your adherence to the law.

What will you see?

Easily View All Of Your Tasks

Healthcare Compliance Software Dashboard (1)

Your Compliance Dashboard shows you all of the tasks you need to complete. Get a snapshot of your vendors, employees’ training progress, remediation efforts, assessment completion status, and more.

Create the Program That’s Best For Your Needs

Healthcare Compliance Software Programs

See how the software’s purpose built compliance programs (including custom program support) allows us to tailor the platform value to fit your organization’s needs.

Track and Store Employee Training

Grey Sloan Training

Engaging training for your employees to stay current on the regulations that pertain to them. Track, store, and manage all training and attestations.

Create Personalized Policies & Procedures

Healthcare Compliance Software Policies and Procedures

There’s no reason to start from scratch. Get a head start with personalized and templated documents that adhere to the regulations or add & manage your organization’s pre-made policies.

Expedite Incident Response and Reporting

Compliancy Group Incident Reporting

Easily identify organizational risks from incident reports to improve your compliance efforts and prevent future incidents. Our software supports the anonymous reporting of all types of incidents and allows you to create custom events.

What Does the Software Include?

Control Scheduling

Guarantee adherence to regulatory requirements, patient safety, data security, and other critical aspects of your healthcare compliance program.


Simply train, track, and manage your entire staff’s training with comprehensive videos and powerpoints, personalized certificates, and attestations.

Audit Logging and History

With The Guard, you can confirm compliance activities, enforce policies, monitor security, detect and respond to incidents, and support an auditing process.

Risk Scoring

The Guard highlights what controls need highest prioritization to protect your organization. Identify, prioritize, and mitigate compliance risks effectively.

Analytics & Progress Tracking

The Guard provides quick insights into what matters most to your compliance programs when monitoring multiple comprehensive initiatives.

Business Associate Management

You will be able to not only identify who your Business Associates are, but also track updates, changes, and yearly review of them.

See how automating your compliance gives you protection and peace of mind.

Easy-to-use software takes the guesswork and struggle out of compliance.

Healthcare Compliance Software Laptop


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“Excellent presentation. Experienced staff and no pushy sales pitch. The system is spot on for HIPAA and OSHA Compliance.”

“Great demo today. Looking forward to working with the Compliancy Group to support my clients’ HIPAA compliance program.”

“Very well presented, and at a pace that allowed me to take it in and ask questions as I needed. Completely well versed with his product and the process that my company will need to go through to achieve compliance.”

“Just had our intro conversation with Liam – he did a great job of making a painfully boring, but necessary topic, interesting! We will likely utilize their services, and will happily give updates as we progress. So far it has been a 5 star experience.”

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