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HIPAA shouldn't be hard.confusing.expensive.

Let us simplify and automate your HIPAA compliance!

The Guard Software

Third Party Verification and Validation
  • Our easy-to-use platform coupled with live guided coaching, makes getting HIPAA compliant and earning your Seal of Compliance easier than ever before.

  • Display your Seal on your website, marketing materials, storefront, and more. Differentiate yourself from your competition and let clients know that you take the protection of their information seriously.

  • Once you’ve achieved compliance with our easy compliance software, our support doesn’t go away. Our Compliance Coaches are always available to you to answer any questions and ensure that you’re staying up-to-date with HIPAA.

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HIPAA Compliance Simplified

Time-Saving Process


Radically reduce the time needed to achieve HIPAA compliance and do everything at your own pace. No stress. No pressure.

Dedicated Compliance Coaching

Don’t do HIPAA alone. Your Compliance Coach ensures you achieve compliance and continues to guide you as often as needed.

A Solution You Can Afford

A Solution You Can Afford

Affordable enough for the single doctor practice. Scalable for the large enterprise. Our platform is easy-to-use and tailored to you.

Some of Our Services

HIPAA Training

Training goes beyond a powerpoint. We give you the ability to effectively train, track and manage your employees.

Risk Analysis

Risk Analysis

Our software intuitively guides you through your HIPAA Risk Analysis and automatically assigns remediation plans.

Policies and Procedures

Policies & Procedures

Automatically personalized policies and procedures created specifically for your organization and stored on our platform.

Most businesses fail HIPAA audits, but none of our clients have.

Effective HIPAA Compliance Program


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The Time to Get HIPAA Compliant is Now.

Join the Industry Leaders in Simplifying Your HIPAA Compliance.