March Healthcare Breaches

We have reached the time of the month where we take a look at the previous month’s healthcare breaches. March saw a whopping 62 healthcare breaches, affecting 2,913,084 patients (more than double the amount of patients affected by February healthcare breaches). 

In March 2021, health plans were the biggest target with 1,629,885 patients’ files potentially exposed through their health plan. Healthcare providers were the second largest target with 949,816 patients exposed, while business associate incidents affected 333,383 patients. Below, we examine March healthcare breaches in more detail.

March Healthcare Breaches and Hacking Incidents

While health plans were most affected by March healthcare breaches, the most common cause behind all of March’s breaches were hacking incidents. In March 2021, there were 43 hacking incidents reported to the Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS’) Office for Civil Rights (OCR). These types of incidents represented 98.43% of patients affected by March breaches, with 2,867,472 patient files exposed through hacking.


Network Server

Affecting 2,339,077



Affecting 516,441


Other Hacks

Affecting 11,954

56.48% of Hacks Targeted Health Plans Affecting 1,619,535

  • Trusted Health Plans, Inc.: 200,665 affected patients
  • Health Net of California: 523,709 affected patients
  • Health Net Life Insurance Company: 26,637 affected patients
  • Health Net Community Solutions: 686,556 affected patients
  • CalViva Health: 15,287 affected patients
  • California Health & Wellness: 80,138 affected patients
  • Citywide Health Plan: 3,321 affected patients
  • Solis Health Plans, Inc.: 2,649 affected patients
  • Mott Community College: 1,612 affected patients
  • Brandman Centers for Senior Care: 522 affected patients
  • West Virginia Senior Advantage: 1,049 affected patients
  • Trillium Community Health Plan: 50,000 affected patients
  • Arizona Complete Health: 27,390 affected patients

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