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Compliancy Group is the affordable industry standard for simplified compliance. Our compliance tracking web-app, The Guard, gives you everything you need to satisfy your full requirements under HIPAA regulation. Compliancy Group was founded in 2005 by former auditors. We saw a gap in the market, where small and mid-size business owners were lacking a tool to effectively address their compliance without relying on incomplete solutions or costly lawyers. We built The Guard to help businesses like yours overcome the HIPAA compliance challenge. Compliancy Group is the only solution on the market to offer guided Compliance Coach support to simplify your compliance so you can confidently focus on your business.


Compliancy Group in the industry leader in HIPAA compliance. We help health care professionals, providers, and vendors across the industry implement effective HIPAA compliance programs.

HIPAA regulation identifies two different types of organizations under the law. Covered entities include providers, insurance plans, and health care clearinghouses. Business associates include any organization hired to handle sensitive health information, including IT providers, MSPs, faxing services, shredding services, EHR platforms, secure messaging apps, practice management firms, billing and coding companies, attorneys, and accountants, to name a few.

Compliancy Group is here to help both covered entities and business associates become confident in their HIPAA compliance.


Compliancy Group partners with vendors from across the industry to deliver value-added solutions to your offerings. We work with our partners to satisfy their compliance needs and help grow their business. We give our partners the resources to satisfy your needs and connect you with qualified healthcare clients. Compliancy Group helps provide value and protection to your clients, offering scalable partner initiatives through our Compliance-as-a-Solution offering.


Healthcare is currently one of the fastest growing segments of the US economy. Comprising over 26% of the US economy, spread across 5 million business, opportunities in healthcare are only growing. And with 80% of healthcare made up of small-to-mid-size businesses, the market needs a compliance solution that’s effective without a heavy financial burden that comes with consultants or other solutions.

With the increasingly digital nature of medical data, healthcare professionals are more at risk of cyber-liability than ever before. Forbes reports that healthcare data is worth up to three times more than financial data alone in the hands of hackers. Healthcare data collected by small-to-mid-size practices is worth just as much as data collected by enterprise hospital systems–but without the resources to match, smaller healthcare organizations are at more risk now than ever before, facing damage to their reputation, federal fines, and civil liability in the event of a breach.

Compliancy Group serves the growing needs of the healthcare market with our simple HIPAA compliance solution, The Guard. Users can confidently satisfy their compliance and cybersecurity requirements to keep their sensitive health care data safe.

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