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healthcare compliance training

June 4, 2024

Revamped Training

Compliancy Group released a comprehensive learning management system, adding an extensive training course library to its healthcare compliance software platform.

Several advancements have been made in how training is administered, providing clients the flexibility to complete training in various formats. Course material was specifically built to ensure individuals are actively engaged and empowered to protect patients and their organizations. Administrators get access to advanced reporting tools to track their team’s progress and their organization’s overall compliance and cybersecurity readiness levels.

What’s New:

  • 90+ courses covering regulatory compliance and cybersecurity
  • Continuing education credits for 45 courses including HIPAA, OSHA, FWA, Cybersecurity, and Clinical
  • Certifications for advanced and leadership courses
  • Courses offered as an audiobook, text, or video to adapt to different learning styles and for accessibility
  • Unique employee profiles, progress tracking, and advanced course assignments
  • Self-paced complete learning paths and role-specific training
  • Videos, interactive elements, and quizzes keep employees engaged
  • Automated reports highlight strengths and weaknesses

Quickstart Guides

April 1, 2024

Quickstart Guides

Are you a self-starter? Don’t wait around for instructions on how to use Compliancy Group’s healthcare compliance software, the Guard. The Guard now comes with a complete set of Quickstart Guides that instruct you on how to navigate the software, complete tasks in specific programs, report incidents, and more.

Once a program’s Quickstart Guide is activated, associated steps can be viewed in a simple checklist format, or in a Kanban chart. Detailed instructions, tips, and estimated completion times are given for each step, along with a target completion date that can be adjusted based on your organization’s needs.

With more guides soon to come, you can complete your compliance tasks more efficiently.

Employee Portal

February 16, 2024

Personalized Employee Portal

Managing login credentials for multiple platforms can be challenging. This is why Compliancy Group added an Employee Portal function to its healthcare compliance software. Employees no longer have to login into the software platform to access their training, company policies, or to report incidents.

Each employee receives a unique URL enabling them to access material that has been assigned to them. They can also access certificates of completion when they complete training, and anonymously report various types of incidents.

Employee Portal Benefits

  • No Login Required: employees get access to all the material they need to ensure they comply with your company’s policies and regulatory requirements.
  • Personalized Experience: only relevant information is displayed, removing the confusion on what tasks they need to complete.
  • Links Never Expire: employees can complete training and tasks at their own pace. Once they bookmark the link, their portal is always available with the click of a button.

October 19, 2023

Healthcare Compliance Software

Extending its commitment to the healthcare ecosystem, Compliancy Group announces the availability of its complete healthcare compliance platform, The Guard. Well renowned for its beginnings as HIPAA compliance software, Compliancy Group has expanded The Guard’s offerings to include OSHA Medical and Dental, SOC 2, and custom compliance programs, with additional healthcare-focused frameworks to be added soon. 

The Guard streamlines healthcare compliance by removing redundant tasks and automating complex processes. 

“As our customer base has grown, the need for a more comprehensive compliance solution arose. Many of our clients were asking for compliance frameworks other than HIPAA. Our latest healthcare compliance software release enables clients to meet multiple regulatory requirements and includes features that make managing and tracking compliance more efficient” – Marc Haskelson, President and CEO, Compliancy Group.

More intuitive, efficient, and simpler than ever to use, The Guard automates your ongoing healthcare compliance journey. Newly added OSHA Medical and SOC 2 frameworks make The Guard your one source of truth for all of your healthcare compliance needs. Product enhancements include: 

  • New Programs Module: Your new one-stop-shop for scalable, efficient, and effective project organization and initiative management across all of your healthcare compliance programs.
  • New Policies & Procedures Module: All new powerful and simple policy creation and organization-wide dissemination.
  • New Standards Reporting Module: Create seamless alignment with healthcare regulatory requirements and industry best practices to supercharge your compliance readiness.
  • Custom Program Support: Create and manage your own unique compliance programs and policies–such as HR and IT policies– to align with your business’s specific healthcare compliance needs.

OSHA Dashboard

June 15, 2023

OSHA Compliance for Dental

The Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) regulates employers, requiring them to minimize potential safety and health hazards in the workplace. As such, all employers are required to implement an OSHA manual to minimize workplace hazards and increase employee safety. 

Not all safety issues apply to the dental field. This is why Compliancy Group created an OSHA manual specifically for small to mid-sized dental practices. Compliancy Group’s OSHA manual and OSHA training module are built into its compliance software.

“We worked closely with the ADA when developing our OSHA dental product to ensure the material covers hazards specific to dental. With OSHA having hundreds of standards, it can be difficult to determine which apply to your practice. This is why we prioritized making our product as simple and easy to understand as possible.” – Kelly Anne Koch, Director of Dental Relations, Compliancy Group.

“We are really pleased to offer this new solution from Compliancy Group. We believe that it addresses a pain point for the ADA’s member dentists as managing the technical aspects of OSHA compliance is time-consuming and can be confusing. Compliancy Group has been a great company to work with, and we have received a lot of positive member feedback regarding their responsiveness and customer service,” stated Bill Bulman, Chair of the ADA Member Advantage Board of Directors.

Compliancy Group’s clients can manage their HIPAA and OSHA compliance and train employees from one centralized location.

  • Simplified—Instructions, recommended processes, and templates.
  • Automated—Training and audits that fulfill your compliance requirements.
  • Guided—Get guidance and instructions on how to use the software and templated material.

Partner Portal

April 26, 2022

MSP Sales Enablement Program

Compliancy Group has launched a Sales Enablement Program to assist MSP partners in promoting and selling HIPAA compliance. After recognizing that MSPs often have difficulty selling their full stack to clients, Compliancy Group developed its Sales Enablement Program to provide MSP partners with the resources they need to justify their advanced security offerings.

HIPAA compliance is an excellent way to open the door to healthcare clients that may have been resistant in the past. Because many healthcare providers are price-sensitive, they often ask their MSP to cut out the services that they don’t think they need. However, MSPs that offer HIPAA compliance services are educated on the necessity of these advanced security offerings for their clients to be HIPAA compliant. Through HIPAA compliance, MSPs can easily explain why these tools are essential and required to comply with the law.

“The way products have been historically sold has changed drastically, and differentiation has become one of the most important factors to success. MSPs that offer clients a complete package are more successful as clients stay sticky to that firm. For MSPs in the healthcare space, offering compliance solutions, particularly HIPAA, allows partners to differentiate their stack and increase client loyalty” – Paul Redding, VP Partner Engagement and Cybersecurity.

Benefits of the Sales Enablement Program:

  • Compliancy Group Sells For You: Whether it’s a current client of yours or a prospect, we will help you sell HIPAA. All you need to do is get us on a call, and we will take it from there.
  • Partner Portal: Designed to provide partners with all product information and compliance tools necessary to deliver to your clients.

“Compliancy Group allowed us to land our largest customer ever, and that customer said yes to us for $20,000 a month in MRR” – Brian Hamilton, Co-founder, Mad Data IO.