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Learn how this MSP used HIPAA compliance as a conversation starter to help grow its business.

We spoke to Jesse Perry of JP Technical, an MSP partner since 2021, to ask him questions about his experience working with Compliancy Group. Jesse Perry was looking for a way to easily transition his clients from basic services to fully managed. Since he already had a sizeable existing healthcare client base, HIPAA compliance opened the door for him to do so.

The Challenge

After speaking with peers in the industry, JP Technical realized that they needed to become HIPAA compliant to continue servicing their healthcare clients. As an MSP that offers services such as remote monitoring, they had the potential to access protected health information (PHI) throughout the course of work they were providing their clients. JP Technical was also trying to create its security stack for the upcoming year, and with so many tools out there, they had a tough time deciding which tools would be best for their clients.

The Solution

While researching what they needed to do to become HIPAA compliant, JP Technical spoke with their partners, one of which was already a Compliancy Group client. What made him decide to work with Compliancy Group is the Partner Program. Compliancy Group’s Partner Program allows MSPs to add HIPAA compliance to their offerings without having to become HIPAA experts, as our staff provides sales and customer service support.

Jesse Perry, Founder, JP Technical, commented, “So I’m not just a customer. I can help my customers do this too, and it was a very low barrier to entry. I didn’t want to just turn my clients over to some company that I didn’t know, without knowing how they would take care of them. By going through Compliancy Group’s process myself first, I got to see how everything works. My coach was amazing. I really didn’t know what I was doing with HIPAA at all, and he made it really easy for me to get through the process quickly, and I earned my Seal in less than a month.” 

Conversations with Compliancy Group’s staff were pivotal to the growth of his business. Perry saw the potential that HIPAA created for him in becoming his client’s trusted advisor. He was also able to determine which other tools were essential for creating a complete stack that would provide his clients with the security tools they needed to meet HIPAA requirements.

The Benefits

Once Perry went through the process himself and saw the six self-audits, the value of providing HIPAA services for his clients clicked. He realized that Compliancy Group’s audit process would open a lot of doors for him when speaking to his clients. The fact that completing the audits uncovers deficiencies in security practices, and his clients would need remediation plans to address those deficiencies provided a huge opportunity for him to transition his clients to fully managed.

“When completing my self-audits as a Compliancy Group customer, my partner light bulbs started to go on. There’s so much money to be made helping my existing clients become HIPAA compliant because once they go through all this work – when it comes to remediation, it’s this guy who has to help them put these things in place. Then that drives the next six months for the customer. And since these are projects, and they’re not necessarily part of the regular maintenance contracts – not only am I doing my customer a solid by helping them implement things they need to do anyway, I know that they’re super well taken care of as far as HIPAA, and I’m being well compensated for doing the work. It’s completely win-win,” stated Perry.

Since signing up with Compliancy Group, he’s had three clients earn their Seal of Compliance, and he has three more that are currently going through the process. By adding HIPAA compliance to his stack, he provides a service that his clients need and has been able to use HIPAA as a conversation starter with his clients to justify why they should become fully managed.

He can now open with HIPAA and talk to clients about their general cybersecurity hygiene and point to how his offerings meet or exceed HIPAA requirements. There’s no duplication of effort with their HIPAA onboarding and the remediation plans provided. HIPAA has helped him to convert his existing healthcare clients into managed services.

*The Seal of Compliance is no longer offered as part of our service. We have adopted a Trust Badge that is offered for HIPAA, OSHA, and SOC 2 programs.

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JP Technical builds managed services around basic Cybersecurity and Regulatory Compliance. They are fully HIPAA compliant, and they have implemented the CIS Critical Security Controls Implementation Group1 (IG1) framework. More importantly, they have the tools and partners to help YOU to do so as well. Let them help you develop a fully managed technology program.

MSPs – click here for your blueprint for becoming successful in healthcare. Download this comprehensive guide to achieving and offering HIPAA compliance.

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