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Learn how this MSSP used Compliancy Group partner resources to win new clients.

Rigid Bits is a longtime member of the Compliancy Group Partner Program, a client and reseller partner since 2017. We spoke with Rigid Bits, Ryan Smith, to find out what attracted him to our Partner Program and their experience working with Compliancy Group. 

The Challenge

Rigid Bits, an MSSP, wanted to grow their direct business. Healthcare was an attractive vertical for them, and they didn’t want to be limited by the types of contracts they could take because of the client’s need to meet HIPAA compliance requirements.

Since they perform penetration testing as part of their services, they have the potential to access client data over the course of their work which requires them to be HIPAA compliant to service healthcare clients. It was important for them to demonstrate that they had compliance in place, make them more marketable to healthcare clients, and not limit who they could work with as clients. Rigid Bits also wanted to provide world-class compliance services to their clients by partnering with the recognized industry expert in the field. Deciding to leverage a team like Compliancy Group filled that gap more effectively than they could.

The Solution

By working with Compliancy Group, Rigid Bits was able to become HIPAA compliant quickly so that they could service their healthcare clients. By joining the Partner Program, they were also able to provide their clients with a service they needed without becoming experts in HIPAA. 

“In the first few years, we leveraged the Compliancy Group team to help us sell HIPAA to our clients, and after doing tons of demos with them, we were set up for a lot of success with HIPAA. We now have clients we can fully onboard and get ready to go forward with the Guard subscription without involving Compliancy Group. But Compliancy Group really helped us to get to that point -” Ryan Smith, Director of Sales and Customer Success, Rigid Bits.

Being able to offer compliance has helped Rigid Bits to grow their business. It allows them to come into any business and know that they have the tools and skills that they need to help them with any problem they throw at them. When they uncover that the client has protected health information (PHI) involved or that a client is a business associate, they’re still able to proceed with that conversation.

The Benefits

In addition to being able to service the healthcare vertical by becoming HIPAA compliant, Compliancy Group’s Partner Portal provided the sales and marketing material Rigid Bits need to get the HIPAA conversation started.

When asked about how Rigid Bits has used the Partner Portal to help sell clients, Smith stated, “We have found the HIPAA checklist to be the most effective of Compliancy Group’s marketing tools. I talk to so many people who swear they’re HIPAA compliant, but 99% of them are not. I’ve never talked to a single company who had actually done HIPAA to a tee, except for a client of Compliancy Group that I had bumped into. The checklist gives me a great way to go back against that and open up the conversation more and say, ‘well, if you’re not doing these things on here then we should talk more.’”

Rigid Bits picked a vertical (healthcare) with which they had a background and used an educational approach to help them sell compliance with help from the HIPAA checklist. They were then able to discuss with clients the common pitfalls of HIPAA and point out what they were missing.

By offering HIPAA compliance services through the Compliancy Group Partner Program, Rigid Bits increased its deal size by 10 – 20%. The ability to upsell with a product that not everyone else can do with the confidence that Compliancy Group can – has helped them close more deals with HIPAA than they would have otherwise. By bundling in HIPAA with their other offerings, they increase their MRR with a service their client would need to address regardless.

About Rigid Bits

Rigid Bits is a cybersecurity firm that works with businesses to help identify and reduce their cybersecurity risks through services, technology, and consulting. We work with Leadership and IT teams to help test and re-enforce existing controls, plan ahead, and meet compliance requirements.

Our unique experience working in diverse industries enables us to help businesses understand how to plan for, and respond to, a cyberattack.

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