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HIPAA compliance was once seen as a daunting task that required an expensive consultant, Compliance Officers, lawyers, and mountains of paperwork. Using a state of the art all in one software, with the support of live dedicated Compliance Coaches has allowed HIPAA compliance to be achieved in any organization no matter their size. Learn how American Technology Solutions and Compliancy Group have teamed up to make this possible for you!

Why spend money on separate services or software to achieve HIPAA compliance
when you can have the following in one easy to use platform?

  • Live Compliance Coaching

  • Document tracking and revisions

  • Policies and procedures

  • Audit Response Program

  • Task oriented tracking and reporting

  • Business Associate Management

  • Employee training videos

  • Total HIPAA Risk Assessment tool

  • Incident Management

  • Audits and audit tracking

“ATS has partnered with the Compliancy Group to empower our customers with the tools and platform to ensure HIPAA compliance and maintain that compliance. This is all provided through the most cost-effective process and platform in the market today. Together, we make HIPAA compliance easy!”

Chuck Sedlacek, CEO, Founder of American Technology Solutions

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