14 11, 2017

HIPAA Compliance Training Requirements (for Free!)

2017-11-14T12:03:48+00:00 November 14th, 2017|

HIPAA compliance training is an essential part of an effective compliance program. Annual employee training is mandated by HIPAA regulation. There are many misconceptions surrounding HIPAA training requirements that can leave your practice vulnerable to breaches and fines if they aren't properly remedied! Click here to get a free HIPAA training session for you and your employees right now! Your practice is faced with many options for HIPAA training [...]

10 11, 2017

The Gap Between EHR and HIPAA Compliance

2017-11-10T15:04:46+00:00 November 10th, 2017|

In today's health care market, there's a growing disconnect between EHRs and HIPAA compliance. The misconceptions surrounding requirements for EHRs and HIPAA compliance under the law have lead many health care professionals into hot water with HIPAA breaches and government fines. Both are essential parts of running a successful business in health care. EHR platforms give your practice a secure, care-focused means of maintaining protected health information (PHI), such [...]

2 11, 2017

What is 45 CFR 164.524? Rules for Individual Access to PHI

2017-11-02T16:20:55+00:00 November 2nd, 2017|

45 CFR 164.524 is a section of the HIPAA Privacy Rule that explains the standards regarding patient access to protected health information (PHI). PHI is any demographic information that can be used to identify a patient. Examples of PHI according to HIPAA regulation includes names, addresses, dates of birth, Social Security numbers, medical records, financial information, and full facial photographs, to name a few. The HIPAA Privacy Rule gives [...]

31 10, 2017

The HIPAA Safeguards your Practice Needs

2017-10-31T15:22:59+00:00 October 31st, 2017|

Chances are, your organization already has some sort of a HIPAA compliance program in place. But is it doing enough? How confident are you that your organization could pass a HIPAA audit if one of your employees had their phone stolen? Having a total HIPAA compliance program is absolutely essential to keeping your business in health care safe. With fines reaching into the millions of dollars for violations as [...]

27 10, 2017

Healthcare Cybersecurity Concerns Grow Amid Ransomware Threats

2017-10-27T15:55:19+00:00 October 27th, 2017|

For healthcare, cybersecurity threats are a growing risk to running a successful business. With cybersecurity and ransomware incidents making headlines day after day, healthcare providers need to have security and privacy measures in place to keep their data safe. HIPAA regulation sets strict guidelines for standards that must be implemented in order to keep protected health information (PHI) secure. PHI is defined by HIPAA as any demographic information that [...]

11 10, 2017

HIPAA Compliance Checklist 2018

2017-10-11T14:58:32+00:00 October 11th, 2017|

Looking for a HIPAA compliance checklist for 2018 that works for you business? We've got you covered. Compliancy Group's annual HIPAA compliance checklist includes a full run-down of everything health care professionals need to be HIPAA compliant. Download the HIPAA checklist now and use it in your organization to find out where you stand! Click here to download the HIPAA Compliance Checklist 2018! However, once you assess the status [...]

22 09, 2017

Getting Your Google BAA: What You Need to Know

2017-11-14T17:08:25+00:00 September 22nd, 2017|

When using Google to run your healthcare business you need to ensure that you sign a proper Google BAA. A BAA--or Business Associate Agreement--is a HIPAA-mandated contract that must be executed between two parties in the event that health care data is being exchanged. This sensitive data is called protected health information (PHI) under HIPAA regulation. PHI includes any demographic information that can be used to identify a patient [...]

21 09, 2017

MACRA Measures, MIPS Measures, and HIPAA Compliance

2017-09-25T10:12:15+00:00 September 21st, 2017|

2017 MIPS measures and MACRA measures are becoming more and more important for health care providers to begin understanding as reporting deadlines get closer. Regardless of whether your practice participated in CMS' Meaningful Use incentive program, it's in your best interest to pay attention to upcoming MACRA and MIPS deadlines. By not participating or sending any 2017 data to CMS, providers will automatically incur a negative 4% payment adjustment [...]

19 09, 2017

How HIPAA Compliance Software Helps Client Pass HIPAA Audit

2017-09-19T11:25:42+00:00 September 19th, 2017|

Compliancy Group's HIPAA Audit Response Programâ„¢ is the only service of its kind on the market for health care professionals to effectively deal with a HIPAA audit. The Audit Response Program is available to users of The Guard, our web-based compliance solution, from single-doctor practices to some of our largest hospital systems and technology providers. Compliancy Group provides health care professionals with a total HIPAA solution that stays [...]

14 09, 2017

Am I a HIPAA Covered Entity?

2017-09-25T14:39:44+00:00 September 14th, 2017|

When it comes to HIPAA, covered entities must be compliant with the full extent of the regulation. HIPAA has set national standards for health care providers since it was first enacted in 1996. But how do you determine if you qualify as a HIPAA covered entity in the first place? Below, we've created a quick and easy guide that you can use to assess if your organization qualifies as [...]