Is Box HIPAA Compliant?

Box is a file sharing and cloud management service used by businesses. Through Box, users can manage content on Windows, MacOS, and several mobile platforms. Box has claimed that its service is HIPAA compliant, provided the user configures the service correctly. The issue of Is Box HIPAA Compliant is discussed below. Is Box HIPAA Compliant: How is Box Used By Healthcare Providers? Box is a content management service that [...]

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What are HIPAA Policies and Procedures Templates?

HIPAA Policies and Procedures Templates are form documents that relate to a particular area of HIPAA compliance. HIPAA Policies and Procedures templates provide information on what an organization must do to be compliant in that area. As an example, HIPAA Policies and Procedures Templates include a Policy and Procedure Template for Breach Notification. The template contains general language about how to detect and report a breach.  What Should Be [...]

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What are HIPAA Experts?

HIPAA experts include individuals who provide expert consulting services to healthcare providers. One common form of consulting services is expert witness testimony. HIPAA experts can serve as expert witnesses in court cases where the issues consist of whether a party did or did not comply with HIPAA law and regulations. Why are HIPAA Experts Needed? HIPAA itself does not contain a “private right of action.” This means that an [...]

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Telehealth Security: Using a VPN

There has been much debate on whether or not telehealth offers a secure means of communicating with patients, especially with many providers seeing patients virtually from their home offices. This has left many to wonder if using their home WiFi poses a security risk. Although there are security implications when using a personal WiFi for business use, connecting to a virtual private network (VPN) provides an easy solution to [...]

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SAMHSA Proposes Changes to Substance Abuse Privacy Regulations

42 CFR Part 2 is a federal regulation that requires substance abuse disorder treatment providers observe privacy and confidentiality restrictions with respect to patient records. These regulations, together with the privacy regulations found in the HIPAA Privacy Rule, work to protect the confidentiality of patient identifying information and protected health information (PHI) found in substance abuse disorder (SUD) medical records. Recently, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration [...]

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How Data Obtained from Healthcare Breaches is Used

The frequency in which healthcare breaches are occurring is cause for concern; it seems like every day there is news about another healthcare breach. Healthcare entities hold a wealth of information on patients including names, addresses, Social Security numbers, treatment information, credit card information, as well as other sensitive information. Protected health information (PHI) is more valuable today than ever before. Hackers can use the information gained from a [...]

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MSP Healthcare Vertical and HIPAA Compliance

The healthcare vertical has become more lucrative as of late, as the fastest growing sector of the U.S. economy and the most vulnerable to cyberattacks. Healthcare organizations need managed service providers (MSPs) to implement the advanced security tools that are necessary to secure protected health information (PHI). The following discusses the MSP healthcare vertical and HIPAA compliance. MSP Healthcare Vertical Healthcare organizations work with sensitive information on a daily [...]

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HIPAA Workforce Definition

The HIPAA workforce definition is critical to understanding which entities a covered entity must enter into business associate agreements with. The HIPAA workforce definition is discussed below.  The HIPAA Workforce Definition: What is it? The HIPAA workforce definition, if properly understood, will make it easier for covered entities to determine whom they need to enter into business associate agreements with. The “workforce” of a covered entity consists of: Employees, [...]

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HIPAA Wiki: A Brief Summary of HIPAA Rights

The Hawaiian language has a memorable equivalent of the English word for “fast”: “wikiwiki.” The term “wikiwiki” can be spoken quickly. Similarly, when a person looks up a “wiki” for information, what the person hopes to find is information on a particular topic that can be quickly overviewed, covering all of the highlights. A HIPAA wiki contains the following information about patient rights. Do you have an effective HIPAA [...]

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HIPAA Compliant Call Recording

Providers may want to record conversations that they have with patients to refer back to for treatment purposes. However, there are certain restrictions placed on recording protected health information (PHI). HIPAA compliant call recording is discussed below. Are you adequately protecting patient data? Find out now with our HIPAA compliance checklist. What is Permitted for HIPAA Compliant Call Recording To ensure HIPAA compliant call recording, covered entities should consider [...]

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