T-mobile Breach

On January 5th, wireless company T-Mobile discovered that hackers accessed data of about 37 million of its customers. Some of the data accessed included names, birth dates, emails, phone numbers and billing addresses, which in the healthcare industry, can be considered protected health information (PHI) when dealing with the treatment of a patient.

Although T-Mobile doesn’t believe the systems were breached and the data was gathered through an API (application programming interface), this incident goes to show that even the biggest players in the technology industry are not invincible. This is the second time that T-Mobile has been affected by hackers, the first incident being a security lapse in 2021 that affected about 76.6 million customers, with 50 million of those having their personal information for sale on the web. 

Who claimed responsibility for the first hack? A 21-year-old American living in Turkey who said that the wireless company’s security practices left him an easy path to steal the data, which in that breach consisted of Social Security numbers, birth dates and phone-specific information. Although T-Mobile apologized and promised improvement in their data safeguards, 76.6 million people can’t recoup their information being broadcasted on the internet.

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What Does This Have to Do With HIPAA?

What we can learn from this incident is that even the largest firms in the world, with plenty of money to implement top-tier security measures, are vulnerable to hackers and dat