Choosing the Right Compliance Tracker

HIPAA compliance is an ongoing process that healthcare organizations, and the vendors that service them, must upkeep. HIPAA law requires organizations working in healthcare to annually complete self-audits, review policies and procedures, and train employees. Additionally, when hiring a new employee, they must be trained on an organization’s policies and procedures and HIPAA requirements. To be HIPAA compliant, it is also required to vet vendors and have signed business associate agreements (BAAs) with each vendor. Utilizing a compliance tracker simplifies compliance and ensures that everything is completed in a timely fashion.

The Guard Compliance Tracker

Compliancy Group’s cloud-based HIPAA compliance tracker is easy to use and cost effective. Using the Guard as your compliance tracker ensures that you have the documentation necessary to prove your “good faith effort” towards HIPAA compliance. The Guard has everything you need to conduct self-audits, create policies and procedures, train employees, vet vendors, furnish business associate agreements, and develop an incident response plan. 

Compliance CoachesTM are there to support you throughout the entire HIPAA compliance implementation process, meeting with you virtually to instruct you on how to complete your HIPAA compliance program. The implementation process is split up into six-stages, with Coaches to guide you through every step. The HIPAA compliance implementation processes is completed over 5 to 8, 30 minute meetings. At the end of each meeting, Compliance Coaches provide documentation that should be completed before your next meeting. Completion of the documentation demonstrates your “good faith effort towards” HIPAA compliance.  

compliance tracker

The Guard’s compliance tracker allows you to track your HIPAA compliance program as well as your employees training progress. Once you have completed our implementation process, you are eligible to receive the HIPAA Seal of ComplianceTM. The Seal is meant to verify and validate that you have all of the documentation required by HIPAA. It is not a HIPAA certification, rather a third-party verification tool, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) does not recognize HIPAA certifications. The Seal is available in digital forms, for your website and email signature, that when clicked redirects to the Compliancy Group website where we validate and verify your compliance efforts. It is also available as a sticker to put in the window of your business. 

Implementing a compliance tracker will enable you to easily identify what needs to be done for you to be HIPAA compliant. Compliance trackers track your HIPAA compliance progress, employee training, and notify you when you need to update your documentation. A good compliance tracker, like the Guard, stores all of the documentation you need in the case of a HIPAA audit. Compliancy Group offers clients full audit support, and we have never failed an audit on behalf of our clients. You can be confident that when you choose Compliancy Group for your compliance tracker, that we will have your back!

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