CMS recently announced that under certain circumstances, healthcare providers are exempt from the requirement to complete a security risk analysis (SRA), while remaining eligible to benefit from the MIPS Quality Payment Program. However, healthcare providers must still complete an SRA to satisfy HIPAA requirements. So even if you qualify for the MIPS SRA exemption, you will still need to meet the HIPAA SRA requirement. Why you should complete an SRA now is discussed below.

Why You Should Complete an SRA Now

Complete an SRA Now

HIPAA requires healthcare organizations to complete an SRA annually, so healthcare providers that qualify for the MIPS SRA exemption will need to complete an SRA eventually. So why delay the inevitable? You shouldn’t. If you choose to delay completing your SRA, there’s a chance that you will entirely forget to submit your SRA and fail to meet the HIPAA SRA requirement. This is why you should complete an SRA now, while it is on your mind.

To find out more about the MIPS SRA exemption, please click here.

HIPAA SRA Requirement with Compliancy Group

Meeting the HIPAA SRA requirement may be difficult to do if you are a small organization without a dedicated IT staff. This is why Compliancy Group offers clients a guided SRA that simplifies the process of meeting the HIPAA SRA requirement. Completing an SRA is an important part of HIPAA compliance, but what many organizations fail to realize is that there are other HIPAA required audits.

Compliancy Group offers all six HIPAA required audits this includes:

  • Security Risk Analysis
  • Security Standards
  • HITECH Subtitle D
  • Asset and Device
  • Physical Site
  • Privacy Assessment (not required for business associates)

All of these audits must be completed annually to satisfy the HIPAA requirements. But don’t worry about forgetting to complete your annual audits. When you work with Compliancy Group, we will remind you when it’s time for you to complete them! 

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