Cyber-Security Crash Course:
Bridging the gap between HIPAA and Technology

Even if you’ve already taken your first steps toward HIPAA compliance, adopting cyber-security measures in your practice can pose a whole new set of challenges. Applying HIPAA security requirements in the real world requires more than just a policy binder and security risk assessment. The truth is, you need a hands-on approach to your cyber-security. But where do you begin? How are you actually supposed to configure your Windows and Mac computers? And what about smartphones?

This webinar gives you a quick and effective run-down of what you can do to start protecting your practice RIGHT NOW. Join HIPAA and security experts from across the industry as we give you the tools you need to keep your business safe in the digital age.

Carlin Bradley- An MSP with a track record of success selling managed services to heavily regulated companies.

Compliancy Group- Leading HIPAA compliance solution and has seen a huge cross-section of cyber-security offerings in healthcare.

Adelia Risk- A Virtual CISO service that can help you to understand what’s in the mind of your buyers.