Doctor of Optometry Passes HIPAA Audit

Dr. David Golden is a Doctor of Optometry and the CEO and co-founder of the PERC Alliance. He’s a long time user of The Guard–Compliancy Group’s all-in-one cloud-based HIPAA compliance tracking app.

PERC Alliance is dedicated to helping independent eye care providers lower their cost of goods thru group discounts and supply chain efficiencies, build better and stronger businesses for their patients, and connecting the independent to health care delivery systems.

The Challenge

Dr. Golden’s practice was hit with a HIPAA complaint that lead to an Office for Civil Rights (OCR) investigation. In the event of a data breach or HIPAA incident, all health care providers are mandated by HIPAA regulation to conduct an internal investigation and report the breach to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) OCR.

OCR is the enforcement arm for HHS HIPAA investigations. When it launches an investigation in response to a reported breach, OCR will ask for documentation of an organization’s compliance program surrounding the cause of the breach. That means that if the breach is triggered by a privacy or security incident, OCR will request documentation surrounding an organization’s internal HIPAA audits, remediation efforts, policies and procedures, and employee training.

The Solution

By working with Compliancy Group, Dr. Golden and his team were able to demonstrate everything that OCR requested just using the documentation that comes with The Guard.

Compliancy Group offers users unparalleled support in the event of an OCR investigation. Our Audit Response Program is designed to give users the full support of Compliancy Group’s team of expert Compliance Coaches to help furnish reports, documentation, and proof that users have effectively addressed their HIPAA compliance.

Compliancy Group helped Dr. Golden and his practice avoid serious civil monetary penalties and HIPAA fines. The Guard is our proven compliance solution that helps users Achieve, Illustrate, and Maintain compliance with confidence. More eye care providers choose Compliancy Group for their HIPAA compliance than any other solution on the market.

The Guard is so effective that not a single client has ever failed an OCR or CMS audit since Compliancy Group was founded in 2005.

By working with Compliancy Group, Dr. Golden was able to swiftly and easily move past this OCR investigation, and get back to focusing on delivering quality care to his eye care patients.

Compliancy Group is eye care’s choice for HIPAA compliance. Find out more about our cloud-based HIPAA compliance app today and how our HIPAA experts can help simplify compliance for ODs and PERC alliance members!

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