Security Risk Assessment and HIPAA Compliance Solution

Learn why eClinicalWorks trust Compliancy Group to help their users conduct their security risk assessment and achieve HIPAA compliance.

Why Use Compliancy Group?

  • Security Risk Assessment (SRA)

  • Recommended by eClinicalWorks

  • Achieve Total HIPAA Compliance

  • Helps with MACRA/MIPS scoring


Why Complete an SRA?

HIPAA requires healthcare organizations to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of protected health information. By conducting an HIPAA security risk assessment (SRA), you assess your current security measures against HIPAA standards. This helps to keep your PHI secure, preventing breaches and fines.

Did you know that an SRA is an annual requirement?

This is because businesses are constantly adopting new technologies and adding devices to their operations. By doing so, your security needs change. This is why it is essential to renew your SRA each year (or when there is a change in the way your business operates).

Thank you for your interest in learning about how Compliancy Group can assist you in your HIPAA and HITECH compliance efforts.

Need an expert to help you figure it all out? Compliancy Group comes with a dedicated Compliance Coach to walk you through the entire process!


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