Each month, we review healthcare breaches to determine the leading cause and how the incidents could have been prevented. We do so by examining the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) online breach portal. The OCR publicly posts healthcare breaches that affected 500 or more patients to ensure that all affected patients know their information could have been potentially compromised.

While February is considered the month of romance, hackers and ransomware criminals continued their love affair with other people’s protected health information (PHI).

February 2022 Healthcare Breaches

In February 2022, there were 36 large-scale breaches reported involving 1,338,384 patients. Most February 2022 healthcare breaches affected healthcare providers, with 25 incidents. These 25 incidents compromised the (PHI) of 683,516, representing just over 51% of patients affected by February incidents. Business associates reported five additional incidents. Business associate incidents affected 633,584 patients, representing 47.3% of patients affected. Six health plans also reported incidents affecting 21,284 patients and representing 1.6% of affected patients. In February, all of the incidents except one resulted from hacking incidents and unauthorized access or disclosure of PHI. There was also one incident of PHI loss involving a healthcare provider’s desktop computer reported that affected 4,500 patients, representing 0.3% of patients affected.

February 2022 Healthcare Breaches and Hacking

Hacking continued its streak at the top of the list of causes of healthcare breaches in February 2022. There were 29 hacking incidents reported in February that affected 1,271,334 patients. These 29 incidents represented 95% of patients affected by February incidents.

Entities affected by hacking:

  • 21 healthcare providers, 633,984 patients, 49.9% of patients affected by hacking
  • 5 business associates, 633,584 patients, 49.8% of patients affected by hacking
  • 3 health plans, 3,816 patients, 0.2% of patients affected by hacking

Types of hacking incidents:

  • 19 network server hacks,1,095,885 patients, 86.2% of patients affected by hacking
  • 10 email hacks, 175,449 patients, 13.8% of patients affected by hacking

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