Tackling Mt. Everest of Rules? Get HIPAA Compliance Support

HIPAA Compliance Support

It may sound hard to believe, but there are actually a few similarities between climbing Mt. Everest and achieving HIPAA compliance. Admittedly, there have never been reports of someone being killed in an avalanche while becoming HIPAA Compliant (unlike the 77 who have perished in that manner while climbing the tallest mountain on Earth). Whether you’re hiking through Nepal or wading through HIPAA compliance, support is the most significant factor in success or doom.

Common Mistakes Made by Mt. Everest Climbers and Those Needing HIPAA Compliance Support

It’s true that failure often teaches us more than success, but a truly wise person can learn from the failures of others. Here are four common themes among those who lost their lives climbing Mt. Everest over the past 30 years:

  • the climber ignored advice from more experienced climbers and Sherpas
  • they got in trouble, and their teammates failed to support them
  • they felt superior to many other climbers on the mountain, according to reports
  • they were trying to save money

Many HIPAA fines and violations share these same root causes. Organizations try to take the cheapest route possible by buying HIPAA-in-a-box kits that don’t relate to how they actually work.

They hire the right people to help them get compliant but ignore their advice and guidance by sharing passwords and creating opportunities for protected health information (PHI) breaches to occur.

They hire the wrong people to help them, and those people are long gone when trouble comes around.

Or they assume that because they understand their primary job (delivering extraordinary patient care), they can handle HIPAA Regulations on their own.

Tips For Climbing Mt. Everest and HIPAA Compliance Support

Here are some guidelines that apply to both mountain climbing and HIPAA compliance

  • Never Climb Alone
  • Have the Proper Experience

Since 2005, Compliancy Group has guided healthcare practices and their business associates through the climb that is HIPAA compliance. We’ve done so in a way that doesn’t require a passport or supplemental oxygen. 

Our web-based, software-as-a-solution “The Guard” is built to cover every step required to achieve complete HIPAA compliance. No client has ever failed a HIPAA audit or been fined while using our services. 

If you were going to climb Mt. Everest, wouldn’t you want to choose a guide team that had never lost a climber?

  • Be physically, mentally, and emotionally prepared for the journey

Preparation is key to achieving HIPAA compliance. When you choose Compliancy Group, we help you prepare by assigning you a designated Compliance Coach.

This person will meet with you on your schedule, walk you through the software and identify the information that you’ll need to gather to build your HIPAA compliance. When you’re finished working with your Compliance Coach, you will have fulfilled each of the Seven Elements of HIPAA Compliance.

They will answer your questions, explain the reasons behind the process, and best of all, share their experience with you to get you HIPAA compliant as quickly and painlessly as possible. 

They understand what’s at stake – that your organization’s reputation and financial well-being are on the line if you aren’t HIPAA compliant. They are personally invested in your success. For your coach, failure is not an option.

  • Climb with a team that will not abandon you
  • You don’t know what you don’t know or think you know until you are there

While everyone hopes a breach or incident will never occur, if it does, we are there. In the event that the unthinkable happens, your first call should be to us. Your coach, or another designated team member, will help you activate your response gameplan and begin preparing the reporting you need to prove you were operating in a compliant manner. 

Are You Ready to Climb Mt. Everest or Get HIPAA Compliance Support

Compliancy Group provides Office for Civil Rights audit-tested policies and procedures that reflect what your organization does and how you do it. Your employees’ annual training and attestations are included with the service, so you don’t have that expense. We are ready to help you conquer your personal HIPAA compliance mountain and keep your business on top of the world.

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