Elevate Your HIPAA Compliance
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Compliancy Group’s HIPAA software makes it easy to complete your compliance requirements and gives you the confidence that you aren’t missing a thing.


Simplify HIPAA Compliance with All-in-One Software and Support

Compliancy Group, a trusted partner of Growth Generators, provides you with HIPAA compliance software that is designed to simplify the process of achieving and maintaining HIPAA compliance. Their all-in-one platform includes policies and procedures, employee training, risk assessments, and more – streamlining compliance efforts for healthcare professionals. With guidance from a customer success team, you can focus on your business while Compliancy Group and Growth Generators help you navigate the complexities of HIPAA compliance.

Effortlessly Track Compliance Tasks with Comprehensive Dashboard

Healthcare Compliance Software Dashboard (1)

With the Compliance Dashboard, you can easily view all the tasks that need to be completed. Quickly assess the progress of employee training, remediation efforts, assessment completion status, vendor status, and more with a comprehensive snapshot of your compliance efforts.

Streamline HIPAA Training and Attestations

Grey Sloan Training

Provide your employees with engaging video training to stay up-to-date with the HIPAA regulations that apply to them. The software allows you to track, store, and manage all employee training and attestations in one place, streamlining the compliance process.

Save Time on HIPAA Compliance Documentation

Healthcare Compliance Software Policies and Procedures

Why start from scratch? The software offers personalized and templated documents that adhere to HIPAA regulations, providing you with a head start towards compliance. Save time and effort by utilizing a comprehensive library of documents, tailored to meet your specific needs.

Simplify Security Risk Analysis with Our Software

Grey Sloan Security Risk Analysis & Required Assessments

The software streamlines the process of completing your required Security Risk Analysis. Simply answer a series of yes or no questions to assess your HIPAA risk, and the software will automatically identify any gaps and build remediation around them.

Easily Report Incidents with The Incident Manager

Grey Sloan Incident Management

Breaches happen, and when they do, they are required to be reported. The software’s incident manager makes it easy to track and report incidents, and allows users to do so anonymously.

How We Help

Policies & Procedures

Get templated materials to implement policies and procedures that meet compliance requirements.


Train, track, and manage your entire staff’s HIPAA training with videos, personalized certificates, and attestations.

HIPAA Risk Assessments

We will walk you through all six required security audits to identify gaps and create remediation plans to fix them.

Incident Management

Report, track, and manage incidents with ease using our compliance dashboard. Accelerate incident response with our advanced ticketing system.

Business Associate Management

You will be able to not only identify who your Business Associates are, but also track updates, changes, and yearly review of them.

Trust Badge

With the Trust Badge displayed on your site, your patients can be confident that you are actively monitoring your compliance and protecting their information.

“I appreciate knowing that we are in compliance with HIPAA regulations. I tried doing this on my own and it was so complex and time consuming it completely interfered with my ability to actually run my practice. Compliancy Group helps us to get through the risk assessment each year and get back to seeing patients.”

-Alicia Nixon, Garner Physical Therapy Center

HIPAA Compliance Software

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