Healthcare Compliance Training Software

Healthcare Compliance Training Software

Healthcare compliance training software allows organizations working in healthcare to easily train employees. As per HIPAA, employees that may come into contact with protected health information (PHI) need to be trained annually. Healthcare compliance training software is discussed below.

What is Healthcare Compliance Training Software?

Healthcare compliance training software allows organizations to track and monitor each employee’s training progress. This ensures that each employee has completed their required training in a timely manner. Healthcare compliance training software also alerts administrators when it is time for an employee to renew their training. Lastly, healthcare compliance training software allows employees to legally attest that they have read and understood the training material, and they agree to adhere to the training material.

Healthcare compliance training software includes all of the required material for employee HIPAA training. 

HIPAA Basics

There are several aspects of HIPAA that every employee that may come in contact with PHI, whether directly or indirectly, must be aware of. The HIPAA Privacy Rule, Security Rule, and Breach Notification Rule set forth requirements for organizations working in healthcare. These rules dictate the proper uses and disclosures of PHI, how PHI must be protected, and requirements for reporting suspected breaches. 

Policies and Procedures

Organizations are required to implement policies and procedures to ensure that they comply with the standards set forth by HIPAA. Policies and procedures include privacy policies, security policies, and policies for reporting breaches. 

Privacy policies dictate how the organization is permitted to use and disclose PHI. The most common cause of insider healthcare breaches is due to improper use or disclosure of PHI. This is why it is essential for employees to be aware of how they are permitted to use and disclose PHI, and the consequences of failing to comply. 

Security policies dictate how PHI is protected, ensuring compliance with the HIPAA Security Rule. Security policies are particularly important for IT staff and management. Failing to implement adequate security policies and procedures leaves organizations vulnerable to breaches by unauthorized individuals.

Policies for reporting breaches must be in line with the HIPAA Breach Notification Rule. Employees must be aware of how to detect a breach, who they should report a breach to, and how to report a breach anonymously.

Social Media Use

Use of social media in the workplace should be limited in any industry. In the healthcare industry, it is not permitted to share patient information on social media without prior patient consent. This includes testimonials, patient photos, or even patient information in the background of a photo. Employees must be trained on the proper use of social media, so that patient information remains private.

Compliancy Group’s Healthcare Compliance Training Software

Compliancy Group’s healthcare compliance training software includes all of the training material required for healthcare compliance. Compliancy Group knows that HIPAA is not the most exciting topic. Our engaging HIPAA basics training is conducted through a series of short animated videos that are fun and easy to understand. At the end of each video, employees are given a short quiz to test and reinforce their understanding of the training material. 

Employees are instructed on their organization’s internal policies and procedures through written material. Within our healthcare compliance training software, employees can legally attest that they have read and understood the policies and procedures. If an employee has read a policy, but does not understand it, they will select that option, and an administrator will be notified so that the employee can be given further information.

When it comes time for employees to renew their training, administrators are notified. This ensures that each employee completes their training on an annual basis.

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