On April 20, 2021, Elekta, a cancer software provider, was targeted by a healthcare ransomware attack. Through the attack, hackers were able to access Elekta’s cloud-based software, used to operate radiology equipment. As a result of the incident, Elekta temporarily took their software offline, preventing treatment for cancer patients across 170 U.S. health systems. More details on the healthcare vendor ransomware attack are discussed.

What We Know About the Healthcare Vendor Ransomware Attack

Healthcare Vendor Ransomware Attack

Elekta suffered a healthcare ransomware attack on April 20, 2021, in which hackers gained access to the provider’s cloud-based radiology software. Although not yet confirmed by Elekta, it seems as though the attack stemmed from a healthcare ransomware attack.

Upon discovering the breach, Elekta took their software offline, until vulnerabilities can be identified and addressed. The software which has been offline for more than a week, enables the use of radiology equipment for cancer treatment. As a result of the incident, several cancer patients have had to delay treatment, or be transferred to other treatment facilities.

An Elekta representative explained, “Elekta was subjected to a series of cyberattacks which affected a subset of U.S-based customers on our first-generation cloud system. On April 20, to contain and mitigate the attacks, Elekta proactively took down its first-generation cloud system in the United States. An investigation is being conducted, and any affected customer(s) will be contacted and fully briefed through the appropriate channels and in accordance with any legal requirements.”

Elekta described the ransomware attack as, “…intended to encrypt the data stored on this system. There is no evidence that any data was extracted or copied, and we do not believe that the hackers have any of the stored data in their possession.”

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Which Health Systems Were Affected?

Although investigations are still underway, it appears as though 170 health systems have been affec