HIPAA and OSHA For Dental Practices

Compliancy Group understands the unique challenges faced by dental practices when it comes to meeting HIPAA and OSHA requirements. With our automated compliance software and specialized expertise, we provide comprehensive support to dental practices, ensuring compliance with both regulations. Our software gives dental practices a simplified and cost-effective way to navigate the complex landscape of HIPAA and OSHA.
With Compliancy Group, dental practices can focus on providing quality care to their patients, knowing that their HIPAA and OSHA requirements are met with confidence and efficiency.


Instructions, recommended processes, and templates.


Training and audits that fulfill your compliance requirements.


Guidance and instructions on how to use the software and material.

HIPAA and OSHA compliance all in one place.

Compliancy Group provides dental practices with simplified HIPAA and OSHA compliance – allowing them to focus on their patients.